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  1. I have a weird issue with my Diamond2 (WM6.5), which just started happening this afternoon. I have always had the phone set up such that a 2 second hold of the 'End' (hangup) key locks the phone. All of a sudden, it stopped doing this. The button itself is working fine and if I hold it down, it makes a small beep sound after 2 seconds as it always did. It's just, it doesn't do what it's supposed to. ;) I've gone into the settings (Settings->All Settings->Personal->Buttons->End Key) and tried changing the function of the operation. No matter what I set it to, it doesn't do it. I've tried a soft reset/removing battery, but it makes no difference. I'm trying to avoid a hard reset... Anyone else come across this? Is it a Diamond2 issue? Or perhaps a 6.5 bug? Cheers for any light you can shed. Adam
  2. n3ophile

    Disappearing storage memory...

    Ah, thanks Matt. Yes, sorry, I should've said that i've cleared all the obvious caches. Good call on the notes, but nope, not that either. I now have 0bytes of storage memory, so the unit isn't working at all well now. It can't populate the remove programs list... I also tried to install the demo of Memmaid last night, but it told me the program wasn't digitally signed, so i couldn't install it... :D :D
  3. Hi Guys, I wonder if someone can help me here. I'm not a noob to PocketPC or Smartphones, but i've not come across this one before. Once i purchased and installed all my desired apps for my M5000, I had about 18mb of storage space left. This was about 2 weeks ago. Now i have 749k, without having installed anything else to main memory. :D I've made sure that any application which has a data cache (that i'm aware of) is configured to use the storage card, eg message stores, camera etc. On the phone I have: Wisbar Adv. Opera Journal Bar CodeWallet iLauncher TCPMP Skype Resco Explorer Are any of these given to eating up memory apparently at random? Is there any util I could buy that would help me track down the source of the problem? I have to admit, i'm suspicious of JournalBar, but it's deffinately set to use the memory card for storage. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is driving me nucking futs at the moment. :D
  4. I'm with Orange, and it doesn't seem to be working tonight... :?:

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