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  1. chaosfoevr

    Vodafone Smart platinum 7 - thoughts?

    Anyone got root yet?
  2. So first update to v1.6 then install updatable launcher from first post clear all cache data and finally update its from play store..... Ya like the launcher that comes wit rom but I use go locker n I can't use it wit default launcher .... thanks for quick response....cheers
  3. i cant seem to update Go launcher...i hv installed updatable launcher as well ..at the moment m at v 1.6 of this rom and go launcher is 3.15 , wot do i do??
  4. Hey guys how can I change the keyboard sound....?this typewritter sound is so annoying ..
  5. yes man it freezes n yes m over wifi......i'll reinstall the flash n try again n proximity as well n get back to u... r u gonna use this s series kernal in ur next update m hearing good things bout it.... cheers..
  6. ya i did that n did clean install twice just in case.:) good to hear that... i'll b waiting.. n one thing wen i watc tvcatchup it plays bout 10min n get s stuck....is that problem wit rom or flash player(i hv installed flash 11 for rmv 6)
  7. m still having problems wit proximity sensor.... how can i fix it??
  8. chaosfoevr

    HTC One X Review

  9. chaosfoevr

    HTC One X Review

    Hi, any one having problem wit the screen......left side of the screen is kinda commin loose.....it's just been week ..anyway m sendin it back.. Other than its awesome....little biggish for a ph thou, for everything else, nice one......... Covers almost half of ma face.:-P Slick design ,feel like it's gonna slip off me hand.
  10. chaosfoevr

    The G300 is SIM locked

    hope u guys r rite... went to check it out in vodafone store n it feel really good in hand... Definitely gonna go for it, just waitin fo u guys.:P
  11. Rom is still undergoing development..hopefully it wiil b fixed in the next release..... For the time being u can go in settings>accessibility>power button ends call.. For now it will b alrite I guess...:)
  12. Hi I saw this option on nenus launcher where u can hide the status bar wit a swipe.....can u do that fo this softkey??then u won't hv to worry bout the size n al,u can place it anywhere....won't that b owesome... :)
  13. lot of FC for me ......browser causes the ph to frezze,then i hv to remove the battery to boot ..........fun playing around wit it but its still not usable fo me so i'lll b back after next relese........ TITLAL6991 u r the man....the rom is gettin better n better.....keep at it...........cant wait fo the next relese
  14. hi all......i install the stock kernal fo ss-4b , it fixed ma proximity problem but but i had to loose the ability to overclock ya..... so i reflashed the rom again and now everything is working fine.....my proximity is workin, i can overclock......everythin is damn smooth...................the stock kernal must hv changed somthin........:)

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