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  1. Have anyone problems with favorite contacts? don't keep them to me Great work btw !
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r2uigdufzre5cvd/81pk-kuqNQ/SystemApp%20Remover%20v4.28.apk
  3. all of these are clear to me ...thanks btw My problem is that i cannot use system app remover(i love this app)
  4. I already use Root Explorer (full version) ,it saws that system is r/w but the system app remover not i think it is a problem generaly in 4.3
  5. i can't use system app remover ... it says ''system not mounted'' but in root explorer says is r/w
  6. egw gia thn 4.0.4 xrisimopoiw ayta ta gapps: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21535197/YourZgappsXS-4.0.4-2013.08.14.zip kane fysika ena backup (cmw) prin ok? i rom pou exw einai :http://www.modaco.com/topic/355540-23072013ics-eco-cm9-aiming-for-stability-and-battery-efficiency/ exw to zte gen2 ,512 fysika tin sunistw anepifilakta!!!!
  7. Try this one and tell me if it's good for you http://www.modaco.com/topic/355540-23072013ics-eco-cm9-aiming-for-stability-and-battery-efficiency/
  8. After long search and deep think , this is THE BEST ROM EVER... Please.... please don't leave it
  9. dear KonstaT why i can't flash this rom? always the same error...something with symlinks says error 7 or something like that Please help!!!
  10. Why it can't flashed at my Zte blade (gen2-512ram-roooted)? says ''installation aborted-symlink error 7''
  11. Pressing volume up(+) and power my zte did not goes into pink screen.How can i fix it so be able to change recovery img ?
  12. download with the chrome. install zip clockwork blade works for me nothing !! i do step by step everything but again the same error (something with symlinks...error 7) i stop trying
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