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  1. will changing the sensitivity affect the performance of the phone? (slower processing etc)
  2. maybe u can try flashing su zipfile from xda developers?
  3. try booting into recovery > wipe all and then flash the bin file with ADT?
  4. @vache just a quick question, is there tun.ko by default in android? if default has tun.ko, can u tell me the path of tun.ko? and does ur gingerounay has tun.ko? :)
  5. anyone tried reverting back to froyo after upgrade to gingerbread? want to know if can flash using ADT or recovery in case anything happens :)
  6. anyone flashed this rom yet? would love to get reviews ^^
  7. i have tried an android kitchen from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=633246 and finds the tool quite useful especially in rooting stock ROMS and adding other features to the rom..i would like to know if there are any other kitchens that can be used on Acer Liquid Metal and how to change the user interface like Metalounay. is there any online tutorials or references that can be used? thanks in advance! :D
  8. i've searched for tutorials on building custom roms and stumbled upon rom kitchen. looking at its post on xda developer, apparently it does not support acer phones. i'd like to know any other tools that can be used to customize roms for liquid metal. and if possible provide a simple guide on how to build custom roms. i would love to learn more about android itself and my acer liquid metal by my own ^^
  9. i'd like to know if there's any user here have experience on using official roms with radio that can easily be rooted with either universal androot or z4root? there are users who can root 1.100.16.EMEA.GEN1 above roms using superoneclick but i fail to get root with superoneclick. so far since using this phone, i've managed to get root on the phone's original rom out of the box using z4root. my rooting experience on newer roms using z4root just crashes the app :D
  10. i guess so. its in the stock rom by default. the app's name is Twitter if i'm not mistaken.for me the twitter app from twitter is not as good as the liquid's default twitter app in the original rom :D
  11. Do u have liquid metal's original twitter app apk? I love this rom but if possible i want to use the original metal's twitter app
  12. its best just to have a backup, in case anything happens. just install the recovery amonra by Vache and back up ur phone. u can do it by installing the software and booting it into recovery mode. u can find the instruction to boot into recovery mode somewhere inside this subforum z4root works for me on my old official roms but didnt on newer versions of the official rom. but if u're making a backup, why not try install custom roms provided in this subforum? i'm using Metalounay and its quite nice. gonna try t&l next :(
  13. hey guys, i'd like to know if i'm the only 1 here getting an error to connect to a vpn. i've tried using openvpn installer and openvpn setting app from the market but it gives me routing errors..i can connect to the vpn but all my internet connections are not routed through the vpn. so..now i'm trying to connect to my vpn through settings > wireless and network settings > VPN settings. i'm connecting to a L2TP/IPSec CRT VPN, and when i add a new vpn, i cant set user certificate and set CA certificate. tapping on both gives me nothing. i've tried this on both official and Metalounay roms. anyone else facing the same problem?
  14. i've tried using "openvpn setting" app to connect to my vpn, and i succeeded in connecting but the problem is my phone is not routing my internet connection through the vpn.. if anyone has managed to use openvpn on their acer liquid metal, mind sharing with me on how to route my internet connection through vpn? **edited it seems that using official roms also gives me the same routing problem..i can connect to the vpn without any problem but my internet connection still does not route through the vpn :(
  15. I've noticed that you've installed openvpn by default in Metalounay..but i cant connect to my openvpn server using default setting but lucky for me you have compiled tun.ko for me.. thank you very much vache..now i can connect to my vpn on my phone! :(
  16. hey guys, i'd like to know if there's any liquid metal users out there are having the same problem as me with openvpn. currently i'm using vache's Metalounay 1.2 rom (i couldnt get my wireless to detect any access points using 1.2.1, but thats a different story) i'm trying to connect to my vpn using my acer liquid metal using "openvpn setting" app that i've downloaded from the official market, i got the openvpn binaries installed without a problem using "openvpn installer" app which i also got from the market but i cant seem to connect to my vpn. i did a little bit of searching and found that there's a problem with tun.ko file i've tried insmod my tun.ko which i've downloaded at http://goo.gl/6EXs9 but it only gives me "Exec format error" and my "dmesg | grep tun" shows the following: tun: version magic ' preempt mod_unload ARMv7 ' should be '2.6.29-perf preempt mod_unload ARMv7 ' by the way i've faced this error before using acer's official rom..anyone facing the same problem? or better yet, anyone has a solution? thanks in advance :(
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