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  1. Update:it turned out that there was a problem with the WiFi module. They took 5 days to repair it and then sent back to me. Although the SD card was missing , WiFi works fine now.
  2. it's really strange i got it fixed last nite but after a reboot it went back to scanning forever... i guess i have to give up this fantastic rom for now, such a pity
  3. Thanks guys, I'll try your suggestions.
  4. Hi all I've just got my Vega and flashed this ROM (v1.7). Everything including WiFi worked very well after the first boot until I restarted the tablet, WiFi then stopped working. I switched it off a couple of times,but no luck. I even tried reinstalling this ROM and other ROM (like r8, corvus5) again but still WiFi always show scanning without being able to find any AP. Any suggestion please ? Thanks in advance
  5. exactly, wifi consumes battery quite a lot, but in standby mode zte blade is amazing
  6. last weekend just flashed rls5,did calibration,after 134 hours slight use, still 34% remaining(80-100 mins call,some sms,wifi,3g, no gaming,map and etc) gen2, rls5,setcpu,wipe, calibrate=best battery :P
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