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  1. Hi, Ice cream sandwich is here. Does anyone know if ICS can be ported into our Commtiva N700 / Spice Mi700 / ViewSonic ViewPad? I believe it can be done since i've read this article about ICS for Samsung Galaxy Mini. It has 600MHz processor just like ours. Source: http://androidspin.com/2011/12/21/samsung-galaxy-mini-is-getting-some-ice-cream-sandwich-love/ I know the porting will involve many other things. I don't really mind if live wallpaper, flash or camera not working. :)
  2. We don't know the full story is, i guess you should just using PM and talk personally with him instead flaming the guy here... as you said everybody makes mistakes. Alright then espeon, could you explain us about the difference between TJs and the flph kernel sources?
  3. Tj is an author of somekind, we should appreciate what he's done. He provided a package that is working, that's none i've found elsewhere especially for this FM6 variant.
  4. No, i didn't tweak it. I just set the swap to use 200MB of my SD Card Memory using Swapper Configuration App. Got 823 in Quadrant and 876 in Antutu. SD Card Speed Class is quite influential. I used a cheap one though :D Anyone up to Gingerbread? :(
  5. Flashed my mi700. I got 823 in Quadrant Standard scoring. Really not bad at all. I set performance profile in SetCPU (there was no interactive profile in my setCPU as what TJ Style used). I also activate swap using Swapper for Root by Dario 'Azatoth' Lipari. Disabled it and the score dropped to 737. Noticable improvement so far for me is in multimedia play. It is snappier now. Unfortunately i didn't see muchimprovement while playing Angry Birds, i'm wondering why. Btw, I'm waiting for next release from TJ Style :huh: Great Job

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