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  1. I have the ZUK z1 ZUI OS source code, and Z1 CM12.1 ROM(flash it via QFIL). anyone interested in it?
  2. you can get it on here. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/P10-advent-vega-viewsonic-10s-POV-Mobii-tablet-pc-Docking-leathercase-protective-film-parcel-hot-sale/109505_542866358.html
  3. samsung netbook charger can be used on vega. (12v, 1A)
  4. can install recovery on 0411, but need install z4root, then install recovery app. you can find it on modaco or xda. but it's fast way, you install V2 rom again. v2 had built recovery. and then go to recovery. do "format". install 0411 again. now you can install ICS.
  5. Yes. unuseful. the best way is install 0411. also i had tried update FW, unuseful
  6. I install alpha2, play flash video on web, fell it''s slowly. no smooth. after about 10min. the browser is dead. and i test play Asphalt_6 game. it's not so smooth too. after a few minutes. the game is auto close too. thank you for your great job! the wifi work nice.
  7. give me your address. and contact info. i will send the sample to you at once

  8. do you need one sample? i think it's better you have one sample on hand

  9. just now, i had sent P10 and N10 spec to you. i didn't get the Material list now

  10. i think so. will send the material list to you on this week.

  11. Ah...........shuttle service manager tell me it's N10 2.2 Kernel. Is it possible more are same as P10AN01? Will be easy to make N10 3.2 ROM?

  12. i just have 2.2 kernel code. this following link is that. http://www.adrive.com/public/JTAdJR.html

    can offer HW list. if you need. i can send one sample to you. http://www.adrive.com/public/KVrsgw.html(3.2 ROM) http://www.adrive.com/public/crU5xW.html(2.2ROM)

  13. it's possible you help us developing the 3.2 for N10? now have some problem for ZTE 3.2 Problem. 1. slowly, 2. mic is not stable, 3. the touch key not working, 4. 3G not working. if can get one stable 3.2 or 4.0. we can pay 10000USD fot the working. Thanks!

  14. Actually. I need one person who can make android4.0, or develop the ZTE 3.2 for the N10. now ZTE had stopped this project. so we'd like to pay for some. if you can help me. will be perfect. thanks!

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