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  1. Thank you SO very much my friend :D Now i am decided to upgrade to G3S and pass the old G3 to my gf. I have been waiting for so long this review :) Thank you again for the time spent to write all this ... you made my day :D for real :P
  2. i just cant wait to get some reviews from real owner :D
  3. well ... i could try this one out ... http://www.ADVERTING SPAM.com/product/original-jiayu-g4-quad-core-4-7-inch-konka/165114095.html#s1-18-1
  4. so there are no G3S owner in here? disappointing
  5. well . did a few trades on there with a single seller thou ... this is my fav one http://www.ADVERTING SPAM.co...862.html#s1-3-1 i dont think you could fake 98% of 14k+ transactions ... right? and i am the walking prove that is real i gave you the link to G3S cuz i intend to buy it :P
  6. i got my G3N from DH(Gate).com and got no problem at all :) as i said ... selection is the key as example search for seller scofield or it360.lt ... just sharing my experience
  7. Exactly my friend ... that was what i suspected too. After reading the post about G4 and considering the fact that G4 and G3S got the same chipset i expect the same from G3S but i have to be sure about it ... as i said i love the G3 design ... the extra bit of bulky makes it perfect for me :P and the size is perfect also plus i love the camera even if g4 have 13 mpx i love th 8mpx camera on G3 series but i still wait to know if it's worthy to buy G3S considering the GPS issue
  8. From my own experiece i could guide you to ebay like sites such as aliexpress and DH(Gate).com -() and look for a reliable seller with more then 5k transactions and over 95% positive reviews i dont know about other sites but i personaly had a bad experience with fastcardtech.com as they will lie about the existing stock and shipment status even with Express Mail paid (i used DHL and after 2 weeks they didnt even shipped out the order) and more of all ... USE PAYPALL
  9. I own a G3N phone for the moment and i simply love it in any way except for the GPS wich sucks , so i intend to purchase a G3S but so far i didnt found any reviews about it and its GPS comparing to G3/N so if there are any owner please write your feedback about G3S GPS . Thank you very much :)
  10. Got it :P all you have to do is to search for a trustworthy seller on those ebaylike sites ... i personaly prefer dhg ( where g is short for gate) i got it for a price of less then 200$ dollars that is with dhl shipping included :D 1 week to arrive ... i feel like i made the best deal :D
  11. i came back with an advice ... dont get stuff from fastcardtech ... 3 weeks ago i placed and order there and after 2 weeks of lies and delays i took the money back by paypal ... now i placed an order over dhg (where g is gate) to a top seller and i hope i will finally get my g3 before g3s is out :P cuz i will sure get g3s and g4 after g3 :D
  12. i ordered my g3 with DHL shipping ... so that should be about a week to reach from now on ... i will come back when i get it to offer you details about how it arrived ... but at the price of 160 dollars silver color i cant have any complains :P
  13. i also am using Blade from about to years now ... cm7 is old if you ask me ... the best so far is eco cm 9 for daily use ... a few bug bug user experience is great and smooth , no other 4.x.x compares with eco cm9
  14. can you offer a feedback in here about how those roms perform? i am interested in JerryJ's rom especially :)
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