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  1. I can certainly understand your frustrations but some of your points are simply incorrect. I tried before I bought, in store in Comet. Something PCWorld couldn't manage for my old Vega. The keyboard dock is not vapourware, check out the Engadget review for proof, its just not here yet. Seriously what difference does a few days or weeks make? You also need to look at the options for Asus on distribution. DSG or Comet are the 2 main contenders outside of dept stores, and look how inept DSG are. You yourslef complain about the web store option, so the genuine physical store options weren't great. Secondly, To put the launch in context, a lot of Brits have been waiting for our first taste of Honeycomb - clearly the first device to market was going to be popular, added to this was the bonus that it didn't come with the optimistic pricing of the Xoom, so they sold out fast. I sincerely hope Asus can restock to meet demand as this could genuinely be a contender in the emerging tablet battle.....
  2. I've just had the dreaded B(lack)SOD for the first time. Not got Skype installed, the only 2 apps installed recently were PES and Raging Thunder. Weird issue......
  3. I've had my Transformer from last Friday (moving over from a Vega). I couldn't believe that the video playback quality is actually worse than on the Vega. I just downloaded that Bourne Ultimatum trailer and it works fine on the stock HC video player. Any idea how I can translate this encoding profile into a profile for Handbrake or SuperC for best quality DVD encoding (ie NOT HD)?
  4. Certainly as far as build quality is concerned the Transformer is miles ahead. It basically feels like a properly designed and machined product. Although the dimensions aren't much different it feels slimmer. The screen is in different league tbh. Crisper and viewing angles are great. I was running the Vegan Tab port on my Vega which was reasonably nice but like all Froyo roms it simply isn't optimised for tablets. HC is a proper OS and a big step up and makes even basic navigation a pleasure. Is it worth the extra money? Well for me the Vega sound was a biggie, I tried a bluetooth adapter but it was unreliable so I needed a replacement device anyway. 16gb of onboard storage makes up some difference in price, as does the Asus remote web operating sw (when it arrives). If you had the 2 devices in front of you then I can't imagine you'd choose the Vega, you'd find the extra cash! Maybe the last point: this is something I'd be happy to stand up to my ipad loving friends.....unlike the Vega....
  5. Has anyone had any problems with iplayer? It starts up, I can choose a prog but it just doesn't play. It also appears in the top left corner only. I've definitely got flash installed, am I missing something obvious?
  6. I've come from a Vega (sound was awful, generally a bit rough around the edges) to this. Comet Guildford had some instore and it didn't take long to decide on getting one. Build quality is lovely, screen is 10 times better than the Vega, HC seems worth the wait. Not had much chance to play but I cant see any reason to buy the xoom over this. Q. How do you revert to the stock launcher? I agree the Asus keyboard is pretty poor. Autocorrect on a qwerty keyboard? Why?
  7. I was sitting on the fence for ages waiting for the Honeycomb tabs to appear. I held off the VEGA pre-Xmas as it seemed, at the time, like the "get it out there cheap" product, from the hopeless DSG group, in some vague hope that it might swing a few iPad wannabees. As it turns out DSG randomly hit upon a great product. As CES etc happened the shortlist on HC tabs was long on names but short on release dates. Still, 3 months into the year its the insanely priced Xoom, or nothing. Then you start looking at the Asus, but they've never really done Android before, so worries there. There's the LG Slate, Toshiba have the Folio replacement, Samsung peddling more tabs and so on, but they all look a)overpriced and :D too uncertain in time to market. Every day the VEGA looks better and better. As previous posts have mentioned the hardware is really very good spec wise, the screen isn't iPad bright, but nor is the price. Build quality is fine, ports/expandability are great. Probably the biggest hurdle is the made-for-phone Android OS. Surely no-one would argue that we couldn't all do with some decent made for tablet apps - but that isn't the VEGA's fault. Frankly anyone comparing the VEGA to the Samsung 7" Tab needs to compare the 2 - they are totally different. Samsung = large phone. VEGA = tablet. To each their own, but with £200, a brain and some time - the VEGA is genuinely the only choice.
  8. Just a follow up on my previous screen calibration problems that made v2 unusable: installed v3 tonight and its working fine so far. Whatever changes you made seems to have fixed it. Not sure if it helps anyone but I forgot to wipe data/dalvik etc before installing. However install seems to have gone ok with no need for Titanium and resetting my homescreens. I really appreciate the work you guys put into stuff like this that benefits the Vega community as a whole.
  9. Bit more info. I've rebooted a few times with no improvement to the keyboard issues. The keyboard closes every time I press a numeric key. Letters work fine (!). Also, orientation won't change from landscape (no biggie), and i need a few presses to register the back/home/menu softkeys. Overall it looks like a screen calibration issue, but I've never had this before with it boxfresh and subsequently running Modaco r8. TP Utility doesn't work either. There's no screen calib. utility in the ROM so I don't see how to fix it. I'm going back to Modaco, but will hopefully be back to give this another try as the transitions are cool, as is the full width notification tray (at last).
  10. I've just installed this ROM and am having major issues with the keyboard registering mutliple key presses. Not had this issue with Modaco r8, any tips?
  11. As long as you like the Guardian (!) then you can use Guardian Anywhere. This syncs all Guardian stories containing tags that you define, at a time of your choosing, ready for reading offline. Its pretty much the ideal solution. Mine is set to DL at 0700, takes about 3 mins and my commute is then covered....
  12. OK, so I've ordered a cheapo bluetooth receiver to plug my headphones into. Fingers crossed this will solve the problem. As a quick test I have a USB DAC at home. It is supposedly plug-n-play on Linux so I was vaguely hoping it might work with the Vega, by outputting sound via the USB jack, but no dice. I've noticed some people have returned their Vega's because of this issue and have received refunds, which suggests it is a fault. Have Advent ever acknowledged this is an issue? Anyone any ideas on whether this might be a hardware or software probelm? Given the problems with the vol. control maxing out at 50% my hope is that there is some EQ setting within the kernel that need tweaking, something which is way beyond my expertise.
  13. This is turning into a bit of a pain in the ears TBH. I've had my Vega for about a month or so and have noticed the sound issue (more on video content than music). Given this seems to be a common problem, with no solution, I'm wondering ways in which I can get around it. Option 1 - Bluetooth receiver to add to current headphones. Anyone with experience of pairing bluetooth headphones w/Vega to comment on how efficient this is? I don't particularly want to be faffing around with BT pairing every time I sit down to watch something on the move. Option 2 - The dock from PCWorld. Does the headphone out on the dock suffer the same problems? Second, does the dock operate when away from the power connector? Physically this would be pretty chunky, but could work. Anyone any ideas?
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