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  1. Congratulation on the port, it looks very good so far. Wont be installing just now, but will continue to watch you hard work. Amazed by how smooth its looking.
  2. Just installed, will have a play with it later. Liking the Notion Ink Keyboard though :D
  3. Im the same, just want a nice 16:9 widescreen desktop, not a 4:3 cropped jpeg compressed mess, no matter WHAT ROM or launcher i use, i get the same results. Funnily enough it work ok on the stock rom, lol go figure.
  4. Sticking with the R8 rom for now, but will be keeping an eye on this one its looking promising. Does the Corvus rom allow you to set wallpapers at full resolution? by that i mean, if i have an image which is full 1024 by 600 resolution when viewed in the gallery, and i apply it as a wallpaper, it doesn't crop it to a 4:3 resolution making it horrible a full of jpeg compression. It seemed to do it ok on the original standard Vega Rom, but on the R8 with whichever Launcher i use, it only crops an image for the desktop in 4:3 (square) rather than a 16:9 (wisescreen) format. It's a small thing, but it makes the screen look ugly.
  5. Installed on my R8 vega. All running well, doesnt appear to any quicker reconnecting too wi-fi after standby for me though. Keep up the fine work.
  6. jamsiel


    Hi, Currently testing an android tablet (galaxy Tab, our mobile solutions provider is Vodafone) as a possible solution for something at work. Managed to get it onto the work network via our corporate Wi-Fi Network, and can access SOME internal http addresses with the proxy ip entered, but i need to add in an exception (and possibly socks proxy) in order to access a certain couple. Have set up numerous Windows Mobile devices to do so, but have hit this brick wall with android. Is this at all possible on android? Thanks, James.
  7. jamsiel

    Stream Video to Vega from Windows 7, Mac or Lynux

    I've been trying to stream with DNLA from my media centre, i say trying, it works fine for a certain period, 5 Minutes... 10 minutes, then starts to either pause, then catch up, or just pause and force close. I'm browsing the media sharing PC with uPnPlay, then watching with either Arcmedia or Rockplayer. I've tried increasing buffer, i've tried different files, i've tried changing wi-fi channel, but still get same results.. it's plays ok for a short while, then starts pausing and force closing or pausing then the video tries to catch up. The streaming works perfectly fine with other devices on my network, just not the vega. Any suggestions?
  8. jamsiel

    Honeycomb coming to Vega clone.

    Prior to picking up my Vega a month ago, the Vega rom updates were quiet frequent. They have be quiet of late, fingers crossed its because the next one will be honeycomb based *crosses fingers.
  9. jamsiel

    Home networking, video over network

    I've been trying to use upnplay to stream .avi from my media sharing pc. file will stream ok for about 5 mins or so, then it just locks up or the app crashes. Tied rockplayer too, same thing. Not sure where the problem stems from. Any suggestions?
  10. jamsiel

    Battery capacity?

    SO, at 6:45 am, device unplugged, 100% battery, everything turned off as mentioned in previous post. Just home, Battery at 86% so it's used...16% battery in standby over...10ish hours...
  11. jamsiel

    Battery capacity?

    There is definitely something not quite 100% with the battery status reporting on the custom r8 rom though. When i put my Vega on charge last night, it was at 2% battery. When i turned it on this morning, it was still showing 2% ... a count of around...20-30 seconds, and it catches up and shows 100% So. Battery 100% , Wifi, Autosync both turned off. App's that have Notifications control have all been turned off, and the device has been put into standby (single power button click) Will see what the battery reports when i get home.
  12. jamsiel

    Battery capacity?

    It does seem to go down quick in stand by. Got Mine a week ago, 1.09, installed custom R8 rom, few app's (fb, twidroyd)installed, turned off as much auto syncing as i can, and background data. Dont know if there is still something sucking the battery. Switched it on at lunchtime today, showing 69% checked a couple emails over wi-fi, did full power off. someone came to ask about it, turned it back on, battery now showing 20%???? Clearly something not right somewhere in the battery power reporting.

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