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  1. Dont know if I understud completly-You are trying to flash original fw by TWRP? I think its impossible do this...If want came back to 5.1 or 4.4 I will flash stock files from B570 /boot,cust,system/ then apllied rollback package to came back to B310 and after that You can flash stock B506-but thats my opinion.Try to ask panchovix on xda /saw You there/ for his guide to downgrade from B570 to B506/modaco roms/
  2. You can use the rollback package from 6 to 5.1 or 4.4 and then instal the 506 build and then this "custom" rom i think ... http://www.hihonor.com/uk/support/details/index.html?DOC_ID=82283 You need to restore factory files /boot,cust,system/ http://forum.xda-developers.com/general/general/guide-flash-variant-version-firmware-t3506404 collection of FW our che2-l11 http://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-4x/development/rom-compilation-roms-che2-lxx-honor-4x-t3434826
  3. xondrax

    SU6 successor?

    Only few Vodafone phones was made by other makers than Alcatel /Ultra is made by ZTE as You know / and todays rumours has a info about new Alcatel Idol´s : 4 and 4s.Some parameters looks familiar to previous leaks about VDF 600 and 900 - Snapdragon 617 processor, 16GB of internal storage, 3GB of RAM, microSD slot, 2610mAh battery, 13MP rear camera with dual tone flash, and also runs Android 6.0. Check it Yourself at androidpolice... Aaaaaand another leak a news:VDF600 alias Prime 7 will be ZTE made...http://blogofmobile.com/article/54821 with non removable battery,another spec are unknown.Wait for photos from FCC ID https://fccid.io/SRQ-VDF600
  4. xondrax

    SU6 successor?

    Its clear,that VDF is preparing a new generation of Prime devices...http://winfuture.de/news,90690.html They wrote about Prime 7 /VF 600/ which could be a middle class device /follower od Prime 6/ and about VF 900 /Utra 7?/ based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 MSM8952 Octacore-SoC with 3GB RAM. I think we will know more infos in few days from Barcelona´s Mobile World Congress 2016
  5. xondrax

    Alcatel OT Fierce

    Anyone can help with fastboot mode on Fierce?Cant switch it on-adb dont find the phone on USB cable :( Want to try wipe it with adb ....
  6. xondrax

    Get £10 plus a further 10% off the new Advent Vega

    They raised the price back to 129 pounds?!?
  7. xondrax

    Alcatel OT Fierce

    Got Alcatel 7024w Fierce/T-Mobile USA-quadcore MTK,4,5" 960x540.../ http://www.gsmarena.com/alcatel_one_touch_fierce-5741.php from nephew and I am looking for cheap remote unlocking,and possibly custom roms?Anyone knows something about?try to google it but,but it looks that the phone is too fresh :)
  8. @Voxpop2011 Sorry,but You are totally wrong.0200 is european model without NFC /the version is selled in Spain for example/ 0100 is version included NFC and selled by Vodafone across Europe ...The Chinese version is 0010 /version without Google apps,not sure about NFC/ thats the difference between these models of G510.Custom roms are switchable between 0100 and 0200,but You must forgot NFC /theres not source code for 0100,only for 0200/
  9. http://consumer.huaw...ex.htm?id=15887 One question:will this be usable for owners 0100 with NFC?Is NFC something in kernel or just a app?
  10. G510 from vodafone UK had B171,vodafone CZ B170 when they started to sell...
  11. Whats the version of "software to the latest manufacturer approved version"?
  12. Alcatel OT 983 is unlockable by NCK Dongle from June 16th-need to select OT v860 and thats all...
  13. @josalaito:any progress with CM10.1?

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