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  1. Care to share how to calibrate the screen? Anyone?
  2. Can someone confirm whether it is dual sim or not? Gsmarena says so, but vodafone says "sim:standard". Nevermind, found the other topics that comment on the two different models out there
  3. Anyone tried this one? # http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6x-screen-protector-ultraclear-for-T-Mobile-Vivacity-Mimosa-/170897969043 The word Mimosa at the end makes me think if it fits the Vivacity or not...
  4. You mean £49.99, cause actually it's 49.99+10 top up. Edit: You are right, it's £39.99 for existing pay as you go customers that have toped up at least 6 consecutive months. Thanks for the tip anyway, I'll check my local stores...
  5. Could someone point me to the correct download link/version of the HTC IME keyboard for this particular ROM? I tried the first I found with a google search and it crashes :( Thanks to all those contributing to the topic
  6. OK I fixed it on my own after all. I don't know exactly what the solution is, but the following are useful to give you hints: The necessary file are here: http://www.4shared.c...iN/autorun.html or alternatively here: http://www.mediafire...4wd3gpmqeopv1si Then try these steps, but instead of using the "cdrom" folder, use the autorun.iso (I am not sure which location should be copied to, because I tried several at the same time) http://android.modac...r-usb-mounting/ Hope that is useful for others as well.
  7. After a factory reset, I also wiped the contents on the SD card and since then I am unable to mount it when I connect it to the computer through USB. As it seems from a number of forum posts http://forum.xda-dev...1&postcount=433 http://support.t-mob...1a94e0da50070ab http://android.modac...ost__p__1395080 it seems that some files are needed internally in the sd card which I don't have anymore. I tried loading the usb drivers folder to the card, to no avail. Could someone navigate to his/her sd card and find these files? I remember that when I used to connect the phone to the computer a window was popping up to select either Pc suite or usb storage or something else and then I could access the contents of the card (this should be the PcOptions.exe file) but apart from that maybe some more files are needed? I tried looking all over and googling about, but had no luck. Any help appreciated.
  8. followed these instructions http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/root-a...-one-click-app/ and I got it rooted. couldn't be easier than that. just restart phone after successful rooting
  9. I tried to order and got this back: just for fellow forumers, to bare that in mind
  10. Just rolled out, 60GBP http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-pho...ne-smart-black/
  11. apparently it is out of stock now
  12. Currently the price for unlocking the phone is almost equal to the price of the actual phone, so I hope people owing the unlock business will drop prices...
  13. From my experience, it is not needed to restart the blade for the settings to take effect. as soon as you've put the correct settings, the data icon appears showing downloading/uploading at once. O2 pay and go, 2.1 rom
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