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  1. What's the build quality like Paul? How does it feel in the hand? Are the contact edges sharp or rounded? How snappy is it during use, does it lag much? Finally, are you planning a good old fashioned MoDaCo ROM for it?
  2. I placed my order online early on 1st May directly with Nook, I got a "your order will ship soon" email a few hours later, then it all went quiet. I had almost given up hope until I got a despatch email late last night. The tracking links sent me through to UPS. Apparently it was collected from the Netherlands, then went to Belgium. If all goes to plan they should deliver to me in the UK sometime tomorrow. For those who are still waiting, I hope you get yours too! :)
  3. This is my plan http://lifehacker.com/5889158/turn-a-99-nook-into-a-fully-fledged-android-tablet-in-four-easy-steps Android with the benefits of an ereader is just too tempting! :)
  4. I've been a Swype beta user since it was first released. Over the years I've tried lots of competitors, but ALWAYS returned to Swype. It's always seemed more accurate, easier to add custom words to its dictionary and, to me at least, in use it seems faster than any other keyboard. Despite being happy with the beta I immediately purchased the version they released today, mainly to show my appreciation to Nuance, but also because I guess the beta will probably get dropped soon.
  5. Just to confirm, have you successfully paid for something with it FourQ?? If so, where and with what type of card?
  6. I've just tried in M&S using my linked Mastercard but it was also declined :(
  7. I've not tried it yet, but prior to editing I was getting the "device not ready" message As soon as I rebooted wallet loaded without errors. It also had the Mastercard I previously added to the play store (this is the first time I've ever been able to add a uk card!)
  8. I was having the exact same problem with my stock rooted S3 Eventually I found a site suggesting to edit the build.prop Copy it and save a backup somewhere first just in case, then using a text editor open and edit the following 3 lines so they read: ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus ro.product.name=yakju ro.product.device=maguro After editing, save and reboot your phone and it should work as long as you copied the Wallet apk to the right place and added all the relevant permissions
  9. Photo sphere looks superb!
  10. Some time ago I read that the white background on most apps results in a higher drain than uing black. Ever since, I have used a black background wherever possible (e.g. homescreen, messaging and email apps) I also check my newly installed apps to see if they have a black background option. It's kind of grown on me and contrasts the white of my Galaxy S3 nicely ;)
  11. Looks like Google Wallet on the S3 is locked down to certain carriers according to Googles twitter post just now http://twitpic.com/a35rh4
  12. I'm getting exactly the same, and its very annoying as everything else works superbly! I have noticed that the users who show up with no text in their post are iPhone users.... is that the same for you?
  13. Great competition Paul! I'm always keen to add to my gadget collection ;) My current phone is an LG O2X, but I'm ready to buy a Galaxy SIII as soon as its for sale :)
  14. Oops, sorry for the multiple posts! My connection seemed to lock up so I hit submit a few times ;)
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