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  1. Thanks a lot for confirmation on that matter. Besides, I assume this new kernel is not very different from MMHMP R8, as it's also uvk and tweaked for low-power usage. I'm thinking if it can also be some kind of problem with flashing/wiping process? I consider myself as a conscious user, I do not install superfluous apps nor do I set my preferences unwisely. However, I restore apps (launcher, sms, browser, system tools, etc.)in batches from a NAND backup, what also may possibly cause some problems. Probably it would be the best to just try a full wipe & clean flash and then install fresh apps. That would give us a better picture what this ROM is capable of.
  2. That's not much... I was easily able to get 4 days (on MMHMP R8) of light usage (some calls & sms) with 2G only and no WiFi. I don't need extra battery if I have good ROM and tweak few settings to my liking. I've noticed this problem too. With MMHMP R8 I had way better battery life. I had around 3 days with light use, but I had WiFi turned ON around 8 hrs per day (mostly idle, though)!! After I switched to SS R7 I was kinda shocked. After few days (I had no time to re-flash another ROM, so I had to use SS R7) I've noticed that battery life with WiFi turned Off is getting better. Unfortunately this is not even close to what I was able to get on MMHMP R8.
  3. After testing this rom throughly over last few days I decided to go back to GB (Swedish Snow r7 in this case). AOKP CM9 is really slick looking and powerful but there are few things that aren't working as I expected. I couldn't make Tasker to work. Localization engine isn't working as good as in GB. It also lags on some basic operations, like opening the phone log or managing contacts. This will be a perfect ROM one day, but for now it definitely needs more polishing and bug fixing.
  4. +1 I notice this behavior occasionally. Looks like Trebuchet process (responsible for launcher) is taking to much CPU resources. Bear in mind this is early beta so lots of things require tuning. Hopefully it will be better and smoother with each version. =)
  5. @iShubham If you wan't to go beyond the basic tasks with your phone you also need to be a little more self-reliant. If you don't understand something try to look for an answer via Google search first. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=verify+MD5sum+android
  6. AFAICT there is no such option... Besides ROM is smooth and stable so far. :)
  7. Don't want to bring any confusion, I just wasn't able to find that option. But maybe I wasn't looking hard enough (settings are soo extensive in this rom!), so tell me where that option is in CFX and I will check again.
  8. I do NOT see this option anywhere. There only seems to be a toggle to force 2G (I guess it's like in Froyo), but no further possibility do choose WCDMA/GSM (like it was possible in Gingerbread).
  9. Some minor bug - Setting "Metric units" under Weather have no effect, temperature still displays in F. :/
  10. Flashing right now, so I will test 6.5.3 in a minute. BTW, Do I need to flash gapps again after this update? ===== Flashed! Had issues with Google account and gapps, because I didn't flash gapps over the rom at first.... After I flashed gapps and readded Google account everything was back to normal. :) I can NOT confirm issues with Play Store, it's working fine for me. Did you flash gapps over the rom? ;) One thing to notice, it looks like there is no Device Settings anymore (under quick links). Testing further!
  11. I installed gapps from the first post, but it's minimal package. I don't want to flash regular gapps, since I only have 160 MB system partition. That's why I need a standalone GTalk app. ===== My first bug report - unable to connect to WiFi. It was working fine while I was at work, when I left I turned it off to save the battery. When I got home I tried to re-enable WiFi but it took long to catch and after it did phone was still unable to connect to my AP. There were only two bogus APs visible with strange SSIDs... After reboot everything was fine again and I was able to connect to WiFi. Strange thing is one of those bogus networks left on the list...
  12. This ROM is absolutely sweet! Flashed 24 hrs ago and found no major issues so far (only some UI hiccups and few trebuchet restarts). It's very smooth and slick, I love ICS. :) BTW. I need a GTalk, can someone pls provide the one compatible with this rom? TIA
  13. Thx, but since I couldn't find desired partition layout I used TPT Helper to build a custom layout. Unfortunately when I initiate a TPT flash process it seems to hang right after it starts on the "load /mmc1/image/qcsblhd_cfgdata.mbn" message. I left the phone for some time but nothing happens. After I reseat the battery I can successfully boot into old system. Any ideas?
  14. Same here. I've upgraded to Gen2 via FTM (Widnows) method. Now, how can I resize my partitions to fit my needs? I need at least 200 MB system partition.
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