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  1. Does this update take time to get t those who bought the Moto G from Tesco...? Just bought mine yesterday and whilst it did update to KK it is on an earlier build to that noted in the link.
  2. We bought both of our phones separately, but from the same 3 store, and we were told that they would be both locked to 3. Apparently that is quite common for them to say that as they are perhaps hoping you will use their service or pay them £15 to unlock it via their website. However we got each of them home to find that the GiffGaff sim (once cut down to micro size) worked a treat and they were indeed completely unlocked. From the many others who have bought them I have yet to read anything different.
  3. You are most welcome. We both have that phone and it is simply phenomenal for the price. The speed of that processor and the quality of the camera in single photo mode (esp HDR) and then when shooting 1080p is incredible to be seen. Streaming direct to the TV is great and it is a must buy for that price for anyone looking for a suitable upgrade for around £150 or so. Even though I was kinda tempted at one or two of the Chinese type phones my personal impression is that they can be a litle lacking of consistant build quality and the photos etc that they produce are not that great - big generalisation but that swayed me enough to pop to my local 3 store and grab two of those Motorola phones. Any issues or problems I'm dealing face to face with a local phone shop and not like my father in law in spending ages in anguish tracking his two returned phones bought from Amazon and Dealextreme.
  4. See my last few posts about the Razr i that I placed in this thread.... We paid £150 for the phone (had to buy a Sim card as well though) and it is simply superb and head and shoulders above the Skate.
  5. I have had zero problems with any game or app tha tI have installed. The photos and 1080p video is simply stunning. To be able to play it on the phone and then for it to be watched on our Panasonic Plasma TV (DNLA linked) is truly brilliant. The only caveat is a locked bootloader which when unlocked compromises your warranty. I would need to do that to get root. But I see little reason in doing so. We both are seriously impressed with this phone and the CPU seems to be really good.... http://www.anandtech.com/show/6330/the-iphone-5-review/10 looking at the above graphs it seems to be quite responsive, which indeed it is.
  6. It should be a great ROM when you have finished :) Yup the phone was £150 (but had to buy a £10 card) and neither of us could believe the differences in smoothness, quality and vividness of the screen as well as how phenomenal the camera is. My wife did not want one at the time that I got mine until I took a photo of her with her Monte Carlo and then using my Razr i. The difference was unbelievable, no more blurry washed out blue tinged image with little detail. Nedless to say she went back to the shop to buy one. The Monte Carlo has served us well but the Motorola is certainly head and shoulders beyond that and, whilst they are there, a great buy considering that ebuyer are still charging over £300 for it.
  7. Too late :D Just bought a couple of Motorola Razr i phones, as 3 are selling them off rather cheap - they were unlocked as well. Best of luck with your development and if the skate is still in the drawer when you release your updated ROM I might dust it down :)
  8. It would be great, when you feel it is approrpriate, for the evolution of the H3 Blues ROM to emerge as H3 Holo - it has a nice sound to it :) Does it by chance use the Holo launcher...? I just hope that we both still have our phones by the time it is released :) <<<<< That is not a cheap dig I assure you but we are looking at something a little "better" and maybe the Huawei G615 will fit that bill.?
  9. I will try the Camera ICS that you have just posted. Thanks :)
  10. Thanks for that. I just edited the file you noted and all is well :) Removing that 360 Camera app and replacing with a std one seems to have resolved the FC issue.
  11. Had to remove the 360 camera app and install a std one as it continually would come up with an error message and fc. My Home and Menu key function are still reversed.
  12. So the differences are.... Added applications / utilities.....? System sounds....? Nothing else is different from that of IA 3....? FWIW - I am just trying it at the moment and with a complete wipe the first thing that I have noted is that the app Camera360 keeps FC's. I will see how it goes after a reboot. Any ideas as to why my "Home" and "Menu" keys have been reversed in their functionality and how to get them back...?
  13. The dl link contains... CM7 [2.3.7] Ice Armor IV [by Matou728] Update 02-Mars-2013.zip gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip so no TPT required.
  14. ^^^ If that is the case, in regards to a recent CM 7 build, it would be good for the Skate - if someone could build it. Any of the Gingerbread ROM's have a superb balance between total functionality and good performance. The work done to bring ICS and JB to our venerable phones is nothing short of superb but I keep coming back to the functionality and smoothness of the older ROM's as, for me and my wife, they seem to work better for our needs.
  15. Yes, regardless of which keyboard that I would use, there are times when it will go really slow and I could type in several words (and I am slow) before it would catch up. At other times it seems fine. Strange for sure. Nice forthcoming update btw c3c0 :)
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