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  1. romea

    kernel 2.6.32

    U8230 kernel and rom link please :(
  2. romea

    kernel 2.6.32

    u8230 touch screen is working?
  3. cm 6.1 rom Would you upload the language pack ?
  4. CM_7.1_RC1_u8220 How do Turkish language? help please Turkish option settings that do not
  5. romea

    kernel 2.6.32

    This Android 2.2 iPhone 4 clone is called W801 and it is equipped with Qualcomm MSM7200A 528MHz CPU plus a 3.5 inch HVGA capacitive multi touch-screen, 512/288 memory, 4G flash memory, GSM&WCDMA network supporting, G-sensor, GPS, WIFI and a 3.2 megapixel camera(without flash light). drivers mentioned above, telephone will help?
  6. romea

    kernel 2.6.32

    To test the rom and the sort of link to download the kernel. currently employed and the touch screen?
  7. romea

    kernel 2.6.32

    .32 Cm 6.1 kernel worked, but the touch rom does not work Rom 7.2 cm .32 kernel did not work at all pulse-hw2.6.32_v0.1.img
  8. romea

    kernel 2.6.32

    pier11 big business I have to use this .32 kernel in 6.1 cm
  9. j-mod-v 1.4.zip Please give me a link
  10. j-mod-v1.4.zip download link help
  11. facebook fails to play a mp4 video?

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