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  1. we haven't heard from you in a while... so it's your dad's fault then :angry2: :P
  2. what is the procedure? sending it to china? edit: oh, uk
  3. some amazing work by Gangster and KonstaT. this phone goes so far beyond ZTE's wildest dreams..
  4. you need to re attach the digitizer laser cable, make sure it's all in place. worst case is you accidentally cut it
  5. Nexus 4 surely.. how long can you last with lags, unresponsive touchscreen and lack of resources??
  6. I had internet problems with my own compiled CM9, I think it's just the Blade or CM or CM+Blade's fault. sometimes takes forever to switch 2g/3g, sometimes data can't be turn on or even off, only going to the settings and checking on and off national roaming helps.. gave up on that issue
  7. I've said it like a million times already, why opening a thread when you don't have the rom operational? with all due respect to xmastermini.. he has done this numerous times already ..
  8. you're not alone, I've had some trouble with BT too, had to unpair and pair again a few times already.. on a different note: I think the people having trouble with gapps disappearing might be installing gapps first and the rom second, that way they format the system partition while installing the rom (and after gappps) and that's why gapps won't appear. thoughts anyone??
  9. updated yesterday and everything's still there. you must have done something wrong
  10. sounds problems are known. if you dig a little you'll see more people with problems such as yours. question is, does it happen with the new 27th build as well?
  11. ICS is like a clockwork regarding alarms! no problems there. JB is very strange in that matter. like I said earlier, when I had JB on my Blade, it sometimes made no sounds for SMS at all!
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