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  1. after looking around different forums i came across this thread http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1215291 i was wondering if it is possible to port this theme to vegacomb and if not has anyone tried creating custom themes for vegacomb ??? cheers :)
  2. iv'e got one reserved at my local store :)
  3. now we have a excellent rom for our vega's in the form of vegacomb, i was looking for a new gizmo to tinker with and stumbled across the announcement of the HP touchpad being axed.Dixons have confirmed this and are slashing the prices of the touchpad to £89 for the 16gb and £115 for the 32gb.....my question is are any dev's out there looking to pick one of these tabs up at a bargain price and what is the possibility of the beloved android being ported to it???? cheers :)
  4. how did people go from build 5 to build 6??? do you need to do a fresh install or just update ??? cheers
  5. this ROM is a true master piece..... i bet all the people who said honeycomb won't run smooth on the vega are feeling a tad silly !!! :) if your not happy with the dpi try downloading LCD DENSITY FOR ROOT from the market, ive got mine set to 135dpi and it seems good so far....... [ LCD DENSITY FOR ROOT LINK ] https://market.andro...e=search_result
  6. question.... i am running vegacomb 1.7 which i had to flash modstock before installing... do i need to re flash back to modstock to install 3.2 or just boot into CWM, clear data and install zip ???? cheers
  7. brill thanks for sharing will be tackling this tomorrow when i have time :)
  8. it looks really nice and im sure would go down a treat if you could share it with us ! im happy to do some testing for you :)
  9. hey guys..came across this while trolling youtube, looks quite slick and nice! does anyone know who made this and if there is a release of it out??
  10. has anybody managed to get the movie studio app working on vegacomb. i did try it on corvus5 but as its a honeycomb optimised app it did not run.
  11. how professional does this look !!!!!!

  12. well he is stupid enough to want to get rid of his vega so he will probably fool for it :)
  13. he's not after a ipad2 i think any Ipad will do :)
  14. hey guys, so a few months ago i brought 2 vega's, one for me and one for my bro.I personally absolutely love my vega ( especially changing roms + themes :) ).my brother on the other hand is not getting on with it and now he has seen all his mates with the dreaded Ipad he wants 1!!!! so my question is, where is the best place to either sell or maybe do a straight swap for a ipad, so my brother can be another apple sheep!!lol. p.s am i allowed to advertise a swap on the forum or is this not allowed. happy modding.......
  15. please can someone point me in the direction on where to find the ginger stir fry.. thanks in advance
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