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  1. Hey folks, Installed Android yesterday evening (manually), could not get it to work with the automatic installer (when installing to internal storage, to sd worked fine). Since I have only access to a very slow sd-card wanted to install to internal storage. I do have a problem now however, as Android does not see my sd-card as mounted, although it shows up in /mnt/sdcard & /sdcard. Is there anyone that can help me out with this? edit: as a result, i cannot use the mediaplayer and all other apps that want you to have an sd installed...
  2. What exactly is the current problem with the compass? Guess I can look into 3d rotations and stuff (I like matrices :))
  3. Some small addition: Even with the new version I still don't have any phone/data connection. It does recognize my provider though (KPN)...
  4. I can't seem to find the update yet, looking forward to it. Anyway, with the patch that you (erikcas) gave me, I have the same problem, it recognizes my provider but no phone/data connection.
  5. Hey, I am sortof a programmer, but didn't program in this programming language though. Although I don't have much time, I'd like to try to contribute something. Is there a simple guide somewhere on what software u need, where I can find the source etc? (and is there a risk that I brick my phone?)
  6. Hi folks, Somehow the 'my storage' of my phone got corrupted so I lost the hidden partition with the backups... Is there any way to get it back? (Feeling so stupid right now... :huh: )
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