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  1. Now I tried again with a final tab and following the instructions from http://droid-den.com/phone-guides/phone-gu...alaxy-tab-guide. This time I succeeded. Now I need to find out how to get the "sample" tab alive again. Currently I can get only to download mode. I flashed p1000-mck-r3-ext4-cwm.tar with Odin, but still no luck. After the boot logo, some seconds of screen flicker and then black screen. I would like to flash the original ROM. But where can I find it? Is Odin the only way to do anything at this point? I have a Nandroid backup of the working ROM. But since I can not get into recovery mode, I have no clue if that helps. Thankful for any advice!
  2. On my Galaxy Tab only boot to download mode is still working. That's after trying to flash the MoDaCo custom ROM with CWM. I already tried to follow the instructions on http://droid-den.com/phone-guides/phone-gu...alaxy-tab-guide, but after the Odin flashing, it will still not boot into recovery mode (just short display flackering and then black screen). What else can I try? Is there a a general documentation for Odin anywhere?
  3. I just tried this on an Euro Tab and it seems something went wrong. My steps were: - rooting with SuperOneClick - install ROMManager - from ROMManager, install CWM (I chose "Galaxy Tab T-Mobile" which installs version - backup current ROM (which rebooted into CWM and did the backup) - bake a custom ROM (I added an own app and changed default wallpaper) - copy the ROM to the internal sdcard - in ROMManager chose "install ROM from SD-card". This rebooted again into CWM which started installing. At this point, everything looked good according to the debug output. I went away from the tab for some minutes to do something else (which maybe wasn't a good idea) and when I returned, it was switched off (at least the screen was black). Power was connected, so that was not the problem. I waited for about 10 minutes, then I pressed the power button. That gave me the boot logo, followed by some seconds of screen flickering (like analog TV w/o signal) and that was it. I tried to power off (with power button > 5s) and on again, but nothing changed. I've already spent several hours on reading here and in other forums about how to do this. Howere there's still some confusion left. For example I wonder why the instruction at http://droid-den.com/phone-guides/phone-gu...alaxy-tab-guide instructs to first install a kernel via Odin, while according to Paul's instructions in the initial post it can be done the simple way I did it. Did Paul leave some things out bcs they should be obvious for somebody doing this? Or is the problem that I chose the wrong CWM for my Tab? Which one should I choose? Btw. I already tried before on another Tab with CWM 3.0.0 (by selecting "Galaxy Tab Verizon"), but on this Tab I couldn't even start the ROM installation for unknown reason. However that other Tab is a pre-production sample, so that could be the reason. Btw. I first tried with the ROM made by Paul, not my self-baked one. Any idea what may have gone wrong for me? How can I proceed now? PS: In case that matters: I didn't have an external SD-card installed during this process bcs the internal one had enough empty space.

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