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    ICS upgrade

    It feels a little lonely in here. Should I switch off the lights? I asked the same question of Motorola and got the following answer today (1 Aug 2012). Quote: We are sorry to inform you that the Android 4.0 update has been delayed, which means we are unable to roll out in Q2 as planned. We are working through the changes that need to be made to the software to ensure you get the best experience from all the new features ICS will bring. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Unquote: Given that we are now pretty much in the middle of the third quarter that seems a fairly un-cheering response. Oh well, I won't hold my breath.
  2. Mikeandme

    How to Root DROID RAZE MAXX

    Great to hear that I am not the only person with a Razr Maxx. :-) Sadly however, I am not going to answer your question but ask you one in response. Why if you are new to Android are you so keen to root the phone, and before the ICS upgrade? I rooted my first phone because there were specific things that I wanted/needed to do, that could not be done without rooting it. Now I have the Razr Maxx its far greater power and capability mean that I find I have no need to root. This leaves me with a bit less flexibility but almost certainly safer and more confident that upgrades etc. will work as intended.
  3. Mikeandme

    ICS upgrade

    Has anyone any insight into when the ICS upgrade may be made available to Razr users in the UK. They started putting it out in the US some time ago now.
  4. Mikeandme

    [HELP]Wifi problem

    Hi Danifantom. Sorry for the long delay in replying but I only got my Razr Maxx yesterday. So far the Wi-Fi seems fine. But then I am using it on my home Wi-Fi network. Are your problems due to poor Wi-Fi coverage or to poor Wi-Fi reception?
  5. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    Are you saying that Clockwork has or does not have the commands terminal and console, or are you asking if it does? I was trying to run adb from my windows machine to interrogate the phone and possibly remove a troublesome app.
  6. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    Sorry brickornot but I didn't understand that. Is it a question or an explanation? I do not understand it as either. I'm obviously being a bit slow but as you can probably tell I am a bit new to this.
  7. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    I am posting this to help avoid misleading future readers. Although I got the result I wanted it was because I did NOT boot into Clockwork for the second stage. I must have just typed in the command without thinking. However when I came back and followed sm4tik's directions precisely (going into Clockwork) it did not work. Don't know why and now I am not sure if the pm uninstall command should be applied from Normal or Clockwork. Also cannot work out why the pm command does not seem to work form in Clockwork. My mistake but when I got the answer I wanted all seemed well!
  8. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    Thanks sm4tik worked a dream. Also looks as if CM7 is good for safe mode - pity about Swedish Spring! :-( P.S. First posted this about an hour ago but seems to have gone astray.
  9. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    Sorry to be so slow flshg but I have loaded adb and connected the phone and got it into clockwork recovery but although the adb command is recognised, when I enter: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb shell pm list packages -f I just get: /sbin/sh: pm: not found Until I am a little clearer that I am doing things right, I am loath to try the rm command in case it works but not as I intended, and anyway I'm still not sure of the package name. Grateful for any additional pointers.
  10. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    Thanks for that very helpful response. Sadly I am not conversant with adb so can you advise me exactly what I need to do to get there or point me at a suitable link. Presumably I need to boot with volume control held to get into clockworkmod but what option do I then need to choose; when should I connect the USB cable and what software do I need to run on the PC? Or do I need to do something completely different? Thanks for your time.
  11. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    Definitely does not work for me on a Gen1 Amoled with Swedish Spring Rls5. :-( Anyone sorted it for one of those? What are you using Phoenix Silver?
  12. Mikeandme

    Safe Mode for ZTE Blade?

    Amazing and good. But not on mine or most Blades it would appear. Is yours rooted? Gen1 or Gen2?
  13. Mikeandme

    Website Update - Monday 11th July 2011

    I agree on the "white space" I thought that I had failed to get to the forum I wanted, it was only on the third try that I realised it was all way down below a great white nothing. I used to use the forum regularly but am now disinclined to use it. Why do those great white spaces appear? I'm using Chrome if that is relevant.
  14. I have tried everywhere else to find how to get the ZTE Blade (aka Orange SanFrancisco) into "Safe Mode" for such things as un-installing troublesome apps... But nowhere can I find how. So I have come to the font of all ZTE Blade wisdom to be enlightened. Advice please. P.S. If it is possible, then is there a difference if it is stock or has been routed and been flashed with a custom ROM. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks Konstaa That seems to work for me as well. Wish there was some decent write up that gave a hint to try A, B or C and what the differences might be. For that matter why does it sometimes allow a widget and other times not? Seems like a good application but with poor documentation. Any extra guidance welcome.

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