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  1. Added a link for Multiupload on the first post for anyone having trouble with Mediafire. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, Scumball's solution does work, however it is only temporary until a reboot. You need to try the market after the symlink has been created and before a reboot. You don't even really need root explorer as the same can be accomplished using the terminal emulator. su mount -o rw,remount -t rootfs / umount /cache rmdir /cache mkdir /data/cache ln -s /data/cache /cache i've made a small script that can be used with gscript lite (free from the market) which will save the need to type out the commands. You can even create a shortcut on the desktop that runs the script for whenever you need to update large apps or download new ones. Hopefully this is of help and maybe someone will come up with a more permanent solution. market_symlink.sh >> cache to /data on device market_symlink(sdcard).sh >> cache to sdcard Cheers **Edit** The script also works well with ScriptManager. If you set it to 'Run as Root' and 'Run at Boot' you should no longer have any problems downloading large apps.
  3. +1 Great post Richard. Stripping the Vega's hardware maybe beyond the scope of what most Vega users would be comfortable doing but I'm pretty sure it would be more than just me and Simon interested in your findings. It would be nice to have the option of a screen with improved viewing angles however optimistic that may be. Hope you manage to find a new motherboard.
  4. Hi guys, I had been experiencing similar issues with my Vega of late. The screen would generally be unresponsive after being on standby overnight and could take a while before it became usable again. Al, are you using any of the Honey Ice updates for 3.2? I found that the issue only occurred after I’d applied the 3.2.5x2 update directly over 3.2 9n update 3 (if I’d read the post properly I would have seen that the updates need to be done on top of each other. Consequently, I was missing a few things including the battery calibration app). Having now updated with all updates sequentially the issue seems to have gone (still early days mind - need a few more days to be sure). Although I’m no expert, my initial feeling is that it had something to do with the wifi drivers; if i could manage to turn the wifi off it seemed to speed up the screen recovery time. Like i said, just a guess and I’m sure someone can tell me why I’m talking complete waffle. Anywho, just thought this might help get you a step closer to solving the issue. Good Luck
  5. First i'd just like to say this is great work from the Vegacomb guys, Well Done! Nice to see the Vega still getting the support it deserves. For anyone having issues with ADB after this update; if you install the ADB drivers for the new shuttle device then it should work again. Here are the steps i took: open device managerin 'other devices' you should see an unknown device called 'shuttle'right click it and choose propertiesclick update driverbrowse my computer...let me pick...double click 'android phone'double click 'android composite ADB device'choose 'yes' if you get asked to continue Hope this is helpful. Cheers
  6. Just a thought, how many MB is the zip you got? it should be 96.14 MB. You definitly got the full installer and not just the updater?
  7. It's possible you've got a corrupt vegacomb zip file or moddedstock. Download them again and try the first method again. You have to be running the moddedstockrom for vegacomb to work. Good luck
  8. Vega Tools 4.1 patch now available. Download can be found in the first post.
  9. Hi Guys, Been playing with this concept for a few hours now and i've got to say it looks really cool. I'm currently using the latest nightly of cyanogenmod7 which has a system version of ADW as standard. Can't seem to find the option to overlap widgets so i guess that's specific to some builds of ADW such as EX. This is what i've got so far.. I've also found that AutoAppOrganizer works really well with this. When adding widgets; if you select other and then AutoAppOrganizer you can choose catogories of apps or all apps. Tapping on games shows all games, like this > I have also done this for the start menu to bring up all my apps in the box Anyway, nice guide and i've uploaded the icons i'm using. Cheers Download W8icons.zip
  10. Hi Scumball, It's because you have the windows classic theme applied. VT4 uses XP visual styles so you'll need to use the Windows 7 basic or aero themes. Sorry if this is a problem, maybe something to consider for the next version. Cheers
  11. Ok guys it's here Vega Tools 4.0. Enjoy!
  12. Hi Scarrie Can i just ask how you installed it? Are you running VegaComb? The new market should update or replace the old one, not run along side it. The apk must be named Vending.apk and pushed to system/app/ - if it will not install from the device. The batch file that i posted renames the com.android.vending.apk before pushing it to the vega. (must be on desktop) It sounds to me like you've got two markets in the system/app/ folder on your device.
  13. Solidare


    Hi luckyluca You mention both Java and Javascript in your posts? are you aware these are two different things? Have you tried another browser, perhaps Opera Mobile or Skyfire? Make sure they are set to browse as Desktop and not mobile. There is also a Java emulator, called jbed, for android although i don't think it will work within the browser. May be worth a look?
  14. Hi Spudals1 Are you trying to install it from your device? I've managed to install with both Android Commander and from the device so not to sure why you're having trouble. If you have adb working try this Install batch file the apk you downloaded will need to be on the desktop. This will directly replace the vending.apk on the device. I've tested this on my Vega running Corvus5 sp1 but as always, do a backup just incase anything goes wrong.
  15. Afternoon all, Google are currently rolling out a new market app for 2.2 onwards Check it out, it's quite nice. Download InstallMarket.bat (try this if the apk will not install from the device - apk and bat must be on desktop)
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