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  1. Me also. Options shown include: "Track this topic", "Email this topic", "Print this topic", "Download this topic" and "Subscribe to this forum". "Print this topic" is something like I used to get, however it does not remember this setting. Also set "My Controls -Options - Board Settings - Number of posts to show for each topic page" to 40, but this seems to get ignored. Have I missed something? Paul (MPV): What option did you remove, was it the ablility to set the threaded/unthreaded view in a topic, if so it looks lik some of us a stuck in threaded view with now way out B)
  2. Orange Upgrade customers have been told its out of stock. Problem I have is can/would Orange Shops do an upgrade and match the Orange Upgrade offer of £10 a month +200 txt + 300mins + £120?
  3. For all you frustrated Orange Upgrade people waiting for it to come back into stock and hearing countless different reasons for it not being available, here is the official statement The story from unfortunate modaco memebers can be followed here and here
  4. Contacted them today and guess what - its not showing as being available. :wacko: However, found this interesting news story regarding the Omnia and Orange on Mobile News: Orange and Samsung deny Omnia Shortage. Hopefully with this bad exposure in the press they will finally get their arses in gear. ;)
  5. The machine is now reporting 3000 (not 7000 as previously reported) Omnia's on order from Samsung, with 100 available each week from the 6th October (no change there then). What is it in particular you like about the Xperia fuzzmo? I had a quick play with mate's T-Mobile Omnia at the weekend and was impressed - the screen size and haptec feedback work well with number/letter input. Have concerns with the Xperia - seems quite a large device with the hardware keyboard - no tilt sensor. I'm using the original HTC Touch at the moment and hate the onscreen keyboard, but like its pocket size and style. Omnia will be noticeably bigger in the pocket and the Xperia will be larger still click here. Not too bothered about the extra screen res on the Xperia. And the 5Meg camera on the Onmia sounds just what I'm looking for. Also like the Omnia application orientation (portrait/landscape) integration with the tilt sensor.
  6. Latest call to the machine revealed that they are testing at the moment and have a target date of the 6th October to release 100 phones on a "first come first served" basis. However, throughout the conversation he did not sound too confident about this date and kept mentioning there was significant software problems which may lead to the phone never being released if they cannot overcome these. Also they will not call me when and if the phone does come back in-stock for upgrade customers . <_<
  7. Spoke to orange yesterday and was told they have over 7000 on order from Samsung. They had problems with the handset previously and therefore will be doing more rigorous testing before releasing the phones. Expected them to be released in the next 2 weeks. Looks like the propaganda machine has spat out another reason to the baying omnia upgrade customers!
  8. This was the story I was given after agreeing the upgrade.
  9. On Friday I agreed a new contract (£10 a month 200 txt + 300mins + £120 for Omnia) with Orange Upgrades subject to the Omnia coming back into stock. I've just called today to get stock update, only to be told that due to the high demand all new stock will be shipped to Orange stores and will not be available to Orange Upgrade customers. ;) The operator mentioned it would likely be at least a month before stock would available again, and also its would be unlikely I would get the same kind of deal at one of their stores. With this unfortunate news decided on PAC code request, which is now hopefully in the post. :wacko: Anyone know of other networks offering a similar deal?
  10. Yes had the exact same problem. Also had problem with in-call volume - too loud - volume keys made no difference. Phoned Orange and got replacement next day. 1 key now okay. Volume still too loud. 150 here I come again.
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