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  1. Well into day one using this rom and I'm very pleased with it. The phone performance is very fast now, vastly improved on the sluggish T-Mobile default rom. Loving the keyboard too, seems to make texting *alot* easier! :P I can finally type in portrait mode one-handed!! Also I like the removal of the boot up pink T-Mobile logo, bleh! Shame the initial T-Mobile text on boot wasn't removed also :huh: Otherwise very pleased, great job cedric! Keep up the good work, froyo next please :)
  2. Ok I've got the FZF 5.1 rom working again, it still states there is an error trying to connect to Virgin mobile though. Any ideas how to fix it ? * Nevermind, didn't realise you need to run to T-Mobile patch after the FZF rom, all working now :huh:
  3. Cool, looks like USB debug mode was preventing it from being fixed. Back to again :huh:
  4. No idea how to fix it, the phone doesn't show anything (blank screen) in restore mode and bootloader mode leaves my pc as waiting for device :huh:
  5. Ah, slight problem with that at the moment. ROM Manager has installed Clockwork and it doesn't work :huh: . Once I've got that fixed I'll try your rom again with the T-mobile fix this time. :)
  6. OK So I've used ROM Manager from the Marketplace on my rooted Pulse Mini, it's downloaded Clockwork and it boots to a blank screen now when I try recovery :-/ I've tried to put the old Clockwork back but am unable, any ideas how to get Clockwork working again ? Linux terminal is just stating waiting for device.
  7. Looks good, liked the updated keyboard. Seemed quite zippy in transitions between apps / home screens. Had no phone functionality unfortunately though. It failed to search networks stating a sim error so I could only use it with wi-fi. I swapped back to stock T-Mobile settings after that. It could just be issues with my phone though, ROM Manager fails to get super user permissions whenever I try that. Installed via the sd card.
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