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  1. Says unable to start phone software...help?
  2. @Chewy11 urm radio use always leads to battery drain? That's the main draw on the battery other than the screen and the CPU
  3. I have never had a bad piece of electronics from Sony and I own a fair bit of kit! Sounds like someone is just raging because its different
  4. @FatherD well you can pick up the rather magnificent xperia live for the same price as a san fran 2 (£99) and a 1GHz processor is still appealing despite the small screen, budget phones are for the younger audience generally and how many kids do you think want a quad core beast?
  5. Would it be impossible to make a new kernel? I know it'd be a hugggggeeeee amount of work but could be very useful!
  6. Xperia play on o2 is around £200 and the xperia live Walkman is £180 from play, I can recommend the xperia live, its a good lil phone and my bro loves it!
  7. Weird, no buttons pressed and it happens on crash and I can repeat it, will look into it.
  8. Tapatalk having a little mess around with my post -.- Sent from my Atrix using Tapatalk
  9. I was just experimenting with how far I could push my blade with the overclock settings, I got to 787 and the picked the next one and went to use neocore when the phone crashed, black screen followed by a 2 second boot and then it looked as if it had reset and had the safe mode label as you see in the pic below. I had no idea this existed? How is it initialized?
  10. Can we please stop the spam -.- its Christmas hence the lack of updates for anyone who is complaining. Thanks to the devs, can I just ask if anyone else if having issues fetching ics4blade files? Sent from my Atrix using Tapatalk
  11. No ice cream for you either, well I guess you just got MIUI so that's a perk. Sent from my Atrix using Tapatalk
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