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  1. My device is stuck in boot loop saying "Android". Shal wait for another release and try again, i've flashed the device 4 times now and no luck. With the rate you're release new versions I don't mind waiting for Beta 2 - Dickins
  2. It would be amazing if you could get android on a car head unit like a pioneer touch screen or rip speed dvd player. But is it possible, simple question to make good response hopefully :unsure:. thanks - Dickins
  3. This is just a quick post to tell you what i find working on the rom and what not. Just if it helps any more in ROM dev. Under settings, force close on Dolby mobile tab. Browser, no webpage will display. Camera, cam corder force close. Google account will not sign in or communicate with the servers. Little lag here and there (but then again its not stable) Wifi runs okay, but occasionally hangs on "Scanning". Otherwise amazing work, i like the clean and sleek looking UI of honeycomb and can wait for the next update. This vega was running ALPHA3. Thanks, -Dickins
  4. I can feel your wallet growing with donations already. As soon as it works on my Vega i feel a donation coming you way. - Olly
  5. ToI love my Desire Z. But today, the first time the screen has been unprotected and the fact i was going to buy a new screen protector today made matters worse. And with my luck i dropped my phone onto gravel, placing a nice and juicey crack from the top to the bottom of the screen. Just wondering what is best to do from here. Should i leave it, having a hair line crack from top to bottom. Replace the digitizer myself (i believe i can do this but has anyone done this before, can u tell me how easy it is please.) Or shal i claim on my insurance. This is an unrooted, stock phone. Thanks , olly --- also, sorry for any mispellings. This was written on the phone in questing whilst in bed. :mellow:
  6. Go in device setting and turn on g sensor gaming mode. It fixes the bug but i find the g sensor in these are crap. Everything else though im very happy with
  7. Its just your home screen and app draw. The thing you use the most. Thats why it good to get one you like rather than the stock ones :(
  8. Just after some ideas. Im a man for change and i dont mind paying for a decent launcher. Currently i use ADW Launcher EX. Any other good ones out there? :(
  9. http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...online-kitchen/ install this custom rom and use the android market, jobs a good one. read the thread, im new too and its VERY easy.
  10. Im new to tablets but the vega has been an xcelent buy thanks to you lot at modaco. But how and is there a way of upgrading the ram in these things sothat when someone finds a honeycomb port we cam be on par with the xoom somewhat?
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