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  1. hi, still no joy with this, think I'm going to have to bin it now, can think of anything else to try. :-(
  2. hi it only boots to the robot saying its updating then the error msg then shuts down, so I cant get into recovery to flash. Is there a way to flash from pc then? thanks
  3. so it appears , I cant boot into recovery stock or twrp, any ideas how I can flash recovery again? with no recovery on there? can it be done via a pc? Thanks, appreciate any help.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I managed to video the shut down then find the text is says :- Finding update package... Opening update package... verifying update package... E: failed to verify whole-file signature E: signature verification failed Installation aborted. E:Error in/cache/recovery/last_kmsg (read-only file system) E:cant open/cache/feta/error_code Thanks for the help.
  5. Think I have gone and done this time, was trying to root then install twrp with flashify, then it rebooted. Phone will now switch on , but I cant get into recovery it will power on and android robot appears says installing system update, then only gets about half way then stops, theres rolling text at the bottom of the screen but it disappears to quickly to read it then it powers down, I can keep doing this, also power button and volume up does the same, doesn't boot into recovery which is what I need to try and sort it out I guess. Any helps or ideas much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi I would really like to try this ROM but I cant get anything to download from the link, is there another link to the download. Nothing on the androidfilehost is working form. thanks
  7. hi, after having my blade, i now own a new sensation, is it rootable? is their an easy guide? can it be debranded say like the blade etc, mines on Vodafone and are there any roms for it? thanks
  8. B21, yeah i had the normal battery, B21 im using, I have the circle batt icon now, as i have installed the full ginger theme. thanks
  9. i have installed zip using clockwork, got the green menus etc, and icons but dont have the circle battery? i used the settings green theme have done something wrong? thanks
  10. sorry , the features description fro GB SF B19 says its got a CM7 keyboard, i have downloaded the addon keyb, I just wandered wa sthe any other way of adding a different keyboard.
  11. I love the GBF B19 ROM, but really cant get used to the keyboard layout for texting etc, i loved the one I had in Jap Jelly fish rom, is there anyway to get hold of that etc??? and use on this rom?
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