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  1. Gapps don't work now, so developers deleted it until thepasto fixs it. Sorry, if my English was bad there.
  2. Do you mean Russian language in the end? Well, it's our native language)
  3. Great work, guys! Отличная работа, парни! Жаль, что не являюсь разработчиком, а этому быстро не обучишься(
  4. Nice work guys! Hope to see Ice Cream Sandwich ported to our device!
  5. one question about next version of LN will you try to increase 3d perfomance? because in some tests miui 2.3.5a is faster(nenamark for example)
  6. When you go into Personalyze->sound packs I caught the FC so I can't change ringtone Any ideas? P.S. I understood If someone wants to fix this problem, then you should: create an account of HTCSENSE download sound pack(any you want) go to personalyze - sound packs choose any you want and press apply then choose any sound you want
  7. Does it have problems like in previous version(I mean ringtone problem)?
  8. I can support the project, but only as tester(bad at programming)
  9. After having a lot of problems with Sense HD 1.0 I went back to LiquidNext 1.7.2 Waiting for new versions of sense...
  10. OK, I downloaded sound packs, but I can't change the call melody. I can only apply the one that is in these packs. Any ideas?
  11. thank you for qiuck reply found one bug about google maps - they don't download trying to reboot P.S. after reboot maps work P.P.S how to download sound packs can't connect to htcsense.com не удалось получить регион с сервера - this is the answer maybe you can send one and tell me how to install P.P.P.S FC on com.android.phone while entering Call Settings
  12. caught fc of com.htc.sdm Приложение набор звуков(процесс com.htc.sdm) неожиданно остановилось. Повторите попытку.
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