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  1. Cool, just flashed it over the last update and everything is OK. Great job man !
  2. Caramba. Didn't know that. Thanks, I'm flashing back the leak, then. edit : OK, my bad. Now it works perfectly. I flashed Ginger dmd, and everything is good.
  3. First of all thank you vache for the update ! Just flashed it and it's perfect. So camera is solved. Even with antishake disabled, pictures come out OK. But then I flashed Gingerounay 2.0, and here I am : I get white picture again when I disable antishake. Any idea where it might come from ?
  4. Hi Vache, I still run your rom flawlessly since I installed it 2 weeks ago. I have nevertheless identified one small issue, that still bothers me : the top notifications LED. I use Handcent SMS, and when I receive a message, the corresponding led won't light up. So I tried Go SMS, but it changed nothing at all. That's when I decided to put up the Acer Iconia SMS/MMS update you gave on first page. And behold ! The LED lights up. Happy me. The only problem is... I find it ugly. So, do you know what might be the problem with the led not working with external apps ? By the way, the Iconia SMS/MMS app has an issue as well : when I click on the Social Messages tab, it force closes. Is that normal, is it just me ? Thanks !
  5. Just installed your Recovery, Vache. Install went perfectly well. Thank you ! Did anyone try to do a Nandroid backupe yet ? I would, but I'm kinda scared thath it might screw everything up... Edit : OK, forget it : I gave it a try, and yes, it worked allright ! Great job you did, Vache. :)
  6. Hi, So far so good, everything runs perfectly. The whole thing is fast, stable, even better than my previous Froyo install. I got one small issue though : it seems that for me, the notification LEDs won't light up for messages or missed calls. Not sure if it's because of your rom, or if it's an issue with the last leak.
  7. @ vache Yep, indeed. In fact, I first restored with Titanium half of my apps then applied ad2sd. It worked flawlessly. Then, I restored the other half. I applied ad2sd again, as I did with Metalounay, and that's when it failed. I might add I got a 16Gb sdcard, with a 2gb ext2 partition.
  8. Hi vache ! I installed your rom and so far, love it ! It runs smoothly, and I just looove that you kept the notifications bar from Acer UI. I had one problem though : after trying to apply ad2sd, the phone went into bootlooping. I had to wipe all user data to get it to work.
  9. Wow ! Looking forward to it ! I may finally upgrade to Gingerbread. Thank you so much, LIQUID_USER, you definitely rule !
  10. Well, as far I'm concerned, package just won't install. I'm running Froyo with last Metalounay rom, and it won't work. Previous version installed without a flaw, and still runs perfectly.
  11. OMG, thanks Vache for your tremendous work ! I've been struggling for months with my Dolphin browser not being able to launch external apps, like Gallery for movies or the android market itself... And just found out that installing your rom fixes all my problems ! Thank you so much, you now are my official hero.
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