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  1. Excellent news. I always prefer to buy pure Nexus devices, but these specs, at this price point , from a Giant retailer is nothing but good news for Android.
  2. Hi mmace, nearly a member for a decade, kudos. Let me congratulate you with your first "Vote up". I lived in Leeds for 5 years, my first job after university. I've such fond memories of that time. I use Franco's kernel too, it's great, but life will be much easier if you buy his app to control his kernel. Cheaper than a bus ride in to Leed's! Have fun. Anil
  3. Hi Zarch1972, What would be revolutionary, would be a manufacturer who actually made good on public statements. Wasn't it HTC who were extolling the benefits of a simpler product line, earlier this year? Stating in a fancy press-conference, that they weren't going to be releasing a myriad of handsets each year? My prediction for MWC next February is; the One X+Cheese. Which will be available in August of that year with fries. Have fun. Anil PS. For the record, I have no beef with HTC. Having never owned a HTC device, but one whom who has always admired their hardware design and execution. Great fit and finish.
  4. "Would you like a colourful Android device rather than another faceless black or white brick?". The bright yellow model will go great with your bright yellow Lamborghini, and bright yellow shell suit. All derision aside, this is clearly a case of, the picture frame being louder than the picture. The whole point of a smart phone, is the "smart" bit. The OS. ANDROID has finally caught up with Apple's fit and finish with Jelly Bean. And in terms of features that help you. ANDROID is in the lead, Google's trio of NEXUS devices firmly cements the ANDROID OS as truly wonderful. Microsoft have never shown any serious commitment to the importance of the user interface (UI). Historically they have produced a patchwork mess. The exception being XBOX. Their phone UI looks as bad as their handset's. Unless you are hard of seeing, then bright yellow, will be a god send. Finally Zarch, I hear that SAMSUNG are producing a TV with a bright yellow bezel. Perfect for you, no? Have fun. Anil
  5. Hi dianapaty, perhaps you could provide a bit more information? It's difficult for anyone to assist you without any information other than "i cant unlock the screen". By the way, welcome to MoDaCo. Have fun. Anil
  6. Hi, I'm using a EuroSkank kang of CM10. I have zero issues and very good battery life. CM10 suits my needs, your mileage may vary. Have fun. Anil
  7. Hi vulpy, it's nice to have a hardware choice. Unfortunately I still haven't sold my unused Transformer tablet, and the O2X. I asked my girlfriend if you she would like the O2X. And she said no without hesitation. She really does like her two Blade's, and her Galaxy tablet. Which I have to admit is very nice to use. Have fun. Anil
  8. Hi, being driven by hardware spec's is a totally dead end street. The world's first dual core phone (LG O2X) is still running Ginger Bread! The Galaxy NEXUS has Jelly Bean now, today. Michael Schumacher behind the wheel of any car is still going to beat Mr. Bean in a Ferrari. Jelly Bean is a great update, make no mistake. My Galaxy NEXUS is lag free, runs everything, and if you don't like the launcher. Guess what? You can change it. SAMSUNG are not a software company. They keep trying, but they have a long way to go. Touchwiz is a nice idea. With poor implementation and a crappy user experience. Hardware spec's are for the folks who spend more time flashing ROM's and tweaking for the sake of a higher synthetic benchmark. The reason FC360 mother won't have a clue what FC360 is talking about, is because it doesn't matter. This is the reason the NEXUS 7 has such glowing reviews. The software folks (Google) do the software, and the hardware folks (ASUSTEK) do the hardware. Have fun. Anil
  9. Hi everett_psycho, Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich, Release Date; October 19, 2011. I had forgotten I had a subscription to this thread, cancelled now though. My fingers are crossed that LG can make the one year deadline. Have fun. Anil
  10. This competition isn't open to ANYONE. Only members of Facebook, and Twitter users. Shame. Paul please correct the language used in this competition. Thanks. Anil
  11. Hi corpisa, ironically, I use Franco's kernel and bought his app purely because of the easy to use interface for colour correction. It might be worth investing the cost of a cup of coffee to buy the app? Have fun. Anil
  12. Hi MacAllan, I'm using the latest nightly 232. I get great battery life. Regardless, everyone's usage pattern and handset settings vary and greatly affect battery life. Brightness settings, 3G or 2G, how long they actually use their handset with the screen on, etc. Franco's kernel is solid. Have fun. Anil
  13. Hi Luirawr, I have my kernel settings at default apart from the colour settings, and the USB charge mode. Therefore my governor is set to interactive. Perhaps this might help? I'm stabbing in the dark here, but at least it will only take a few minutes to try it. Have fun. Anil
  14. Hi Luirawr, I run the same ROM and kernel. Both work fine together, everything is working, phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages etc. I downloaded System Tuner and checked the "times tab". I felt out of my league deciphering the data. And I feel the many many brilliant minds at Google know what they are doing, so there is no need for me to tinker. But in a direct answer to your query. All is OK on this end. Have fun. Anil PS. I had a though after my post. I use the app Light Flow to control LED notifications, and there is an option in the app to "Run in foreground", and thereby perhaps affecting CPU cores being turned off? Either way everything works great, and I get fantastic battery life on 3G and Wi-Fi.
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