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  1. I'm not sure, but the at command needed was AT +CFUN=1 Corvus. PS: https://github.com/rbraken/wetab-ICS-device-tree/blob/master/huawei-generic/huaweigeneric-ril.c line 1061
  2. I continue reading you... :P Yes, we use your libs as base and then with some modifications was included in Android-x86. You can get it from here: http://git.android-x86.org/?p=platform/hardware/ril.git;a=commit;h=9c7019fc06d30ac1ce6083e1d71e072293e4c018 They are updated and working, read the README for more info. Corvus.
  3. Hi people. I was out for some time but i come back. This is CorvusReborn for vega. Features: Android 4.0.4 All HW working (but BT, 3G and GPS not working/tested in this version) Gapps This is a beta version, used as a base for future releases, so this version is in nvflash format. You know how to install it, if not search in this forum. Next versions will be in CWM format over this version. For ROM cookers this is a clean version, only gapps is added and some tweaks for show the correct dpi. How to install and make gapps work: 1) This is the only way that it will work by now and if it fails for you you are doing something wrong. Reflash and follow the steps wirh care. 2) Flash the Rom 3) Boot 4) When booted, configure wifi (in settings) and open calendar. It will ask you for you google account. 5) Config google account and it will give you a error (Google Account Manager has close). Press home and shutdown the tablet. 6) Reboot the tablet (now you will get a colorfull wallpaper) and open Gmail. The mail is in sync, so you can open the market. It will ask you for some permissions to access... accept all. Like i said this is tested and it works... but if you dont follow this steps, and want to try another method, if market fails you can try to delete data (in settings, apps, all, google play, delete data) and cross your fingers. If you like that wifi come back ok after resume, go to settings, wireless, press the up-right button, select advanced and change the way that wifi suspend to never, so this way you will not have wifi when suspended, but when resume your wifi will work. Link: CorvusReborn Thanks to all the work done by Ejtagle, Cass, Scanno, brucelee, Areo and all the other people i forgot. Possibly all the questions you have are answered in this forum, so do a search. If not write some words here, but i will only reply to people that really spent some time searching for help (in this forum or google). So no reply to questions as: How to install? Will this work?... etc. If i get tired of read the same questions over an over again i will post less and less... you may think i am unpolite, but i am a man with little time and i prefer spend it working in roms... Next updates will be in http://corvusmod.wordpress.com Corvus.
  4. I see that you added recovery to github... when you use it, you get the black screen or reboot directly to recovery? Corvus
  5. What i do is use /data... much easy and you can move almost all apps you like there... How? Easy... Compile android, then in the out folder (.../out/target/product/shuttle/) you will have /system and /data... put in /data/app all the apps you like and take from /system/app all that android dont need to boot (like calendar, email, videoeditor, etc.) and move them to /data/app. Then you will have a system.img with less that 158mb that is the limit of the partition. Once you did it, exec "make snod" and a new system.img will be created and "make userdatatarball-nodeps" and you will get a userdata.img. Put both of them in your nvflash folder and flash it. Problems i had with this: 1) First boot dont allways load all correctly, like wallpaper... But rebooting all work ok 2) With gapps, depending where you put some apks it works, or not, or need to confg google account at first boot or doesnt work.... i'm working on this in my (few) spare time. Remember, when you do make again all the compiled apps will be created again so you will need to move them or delete them This way i dont need to take out any language or anything...
  6. Ok, about busybox... i added it and dont create any link. I did it because i didnt want to broke any link that maybe can be needed... so if you want to use busybox, you only need to put it behind the command, by example toolbox doesnt have cp, so you can use busybox cp and all works ok. You can use too busybox to mount and you will not need to use -t because fs will be detected. About ar6002 with wow... yes, i compiled it. You can use this one https://www.codeaurora.org/git/projects/qrd-gb-dsds-7225/repository/revisions/f6156a77044113680d038934b06bde333a1e69ea/show/system/wlan/atheros/AR6kSDK. but wifi suspend dont work if you select maintain it on when suspend. If you put it off at suspend it switch on correctly at resume. About squashfs... why are you using it? because size? Corvus
  7. You can use adbwireless... in market... but you need wifi so you only can test logcat -b to see if it's detected but not launch a connection. Or use a powered usb hub.
  8. They might... did you use shuttle tools to put usb in host mode?
  9. I'm trying to make recovery and bluetooth work... for recovery i compiled /bootable/recovery, but dont know if this is correct, because there is not binary for recovery by default. Anyway, with this binary i cant go to CWM anyway, so something i'm doing wrong. I'm searching for some sources for a multiple chioce power menu (you know... restart, poweroff, recovery, etc...) Corvus
  10. What i did is: In vegaics nvflash zip change only system.img and then replace the ar6000.ko from vegaics... This is a good firts step. The device tree for CM may be different that the one for AOSP. I will send you a new pull asap to get superuser and some other tweaks. Maybe it doesnt work by default because i modify too my android tree but is a good approach to make it automatic... Corvus
  11. I pull some changes to vegaics... merge it if you think they are ok... you can also add the working camera and disable the build of the original one. Corvus.
  12. Ok, i made some changes and push to my github so now we have a device tree that fully boots... https://github.com/corvusmod/android_device_nvidia_shuttle Please, copy this to vegaics... I made some test and this is what works and not: Works: boots :D sound brightness Dont work: wifi bt rotation camera i dont try to fix any of them because i spend 3 days trying to get it compiling (stupid -Werror). More work when have some time...
  13. I just finished... but i hate git and was unable to make changes to shuttle device tree in vegaics, so i create a new device tree in my github (https://github.com/c..._nvidia_shuttle), so you can fork from here or update the original one... this way i can brake this device target without brake your job :D Corvus. PS:In oldlibs.zio are the original libs, because some of them are not in the vegaics image and dont know if they are needed.
  14. Ok, i will write what are my steps and correct me if i'm wrong: 1) Repo init vegaics github 2) Repo sync 3) Download and configure a bsp (for cross compile) or try to use the one included in android sdk 4) Compile Then what will we get? a bunch of img files that will upload to the tablet using nvflash? I'm repo sync'ing now... Now i have more experience compiling android that had when Corvus5 :P, so maybe can help a little... :D Corvus. PS: Maybe you can take out the sync of some device like crespo that are 280Mb...
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