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  1. http://android.modac...s7-android-235/ There's mention about a Gen 3 blade here - does that cover the t-u880? If so, can this be flashed and will it allow everything to run as we want? (Market / maps / non chinese sim cards?)
  2. No I haven't tried that yet. I saw you wrote that before and thought at least it's some type of work around, but obviously it's not as ideal / easy as clicking and downloading from the market when using wifi / on the go. I also notice on hers she is unable to open us google maps, as it says it needs a data connection. so I figure it will be the same as your phone at the moment. Hopefully we can get this fixed so the phone can at least use maps via wifi and market on the phone. The 3g is a loss, but she can deal without that.
  3. I'm in a similar situation to the rest of you, however, the phone's not mine but a friend who bought it here in China for someone to use in Europe. The custom rom I've managed to get on it (via a chinese workmate) just force closes the market when you try to download something. It logs in to the latest market just fine and can also sync the account but doesn't let you download at all. I'd be really interested if anyone gets a working market and frame apck to run fine, so I can also put it on so the phone isn't a complete waste of money for her.
  4. Just out of interest, where did you get the phone in HK? I'm heading over next weekend and my friend who lives there is looking to buy one. Is it locked in to PCCW or is it sim free? Also, is it still quadband and does it need unlocking?
  5. So, tried latest version of Skyoe with videocall on 2.2 on stock rom (b135) and found that the video is upside down, regardless of which way it is spun around. Anyone else have this as well on either stock or custom rom?
  6. Cheers for the quick response! First tried Opera mobile, and it works! Don't know why it doesn't like Dolphin or Stock browser, but at least it works now. As for the Custom Roms, I was going to wait until a 2.3 stable comes out but not sure now, was looking at FLB's 2.2 for this as I used to use his with my Blade and it was very good. What are you using? I was hoping to just root the device with z4root or onestop root app (or something along those lines for the name) but not sure if these work. As for the build, I looked at the list and I seem to have one listed as b113sp15 - is this the latest stock rom?
  7. OK, so I've bought this phone and received it yesterday. Have stock rom running but whenever I try to use youtube from the browser it says 'sorry, media cannot be played' despite the fact that I have Flash 10.3 installed. Does anyone else have the same problem? The videos via the youtube app work fine, but I thought the benefit of having Flash on this (as opposed to my ZTE Blade) was that I could just view stuff online? Any ideas on how to get it working via the web browser?
  8. Hi, thanks for all the great work on this. I moved my wife's blade across from FLB10b to this, as she wanted something lighter as she doesn't need half the pre installed apps. I'm inclined to myself as well, but was wondering how it will affect current apps installed if I move up from my SSrls3 to this lite version - will I lose all apps and messages (as the stock messaging program is different)? I know people have mentioned previously to TB the apps and then reinstall but I have never really worked out how to do this (through an idiots guide) as every time I have tried to TB them, it never seems to work (hence why I want to keep my apps!) Any ideas would be great - thanks once again.
  9. Hi, could someone confirm if it's possible to partition my SD card if I have a current custom rom on? I have no partition as of yet but don't know if it will mess up my current settings / custom Rom and lose my apps. I am currently on RLS3. Cheers!
  10. Hi Lance. Once again, I have another question ofr you (sorry!) I saved and extraced the GPS.conf file, and plugged in my phone to paste it in, but cannot find the 'system' folder to put it into - 'pushing' it different to pasting it, and if not, where should I paste it in my phone? Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Hi, thanks for all your hard work. Am on RLS3 and loving it! See you have a RLS5 now and I just had a few questions. 1) I am currently on SS RLS3 and want to update to RLS5, do I need to also flash AOSP contact RLS4 or the fact that I already did it with AOSP contact RLS3 means it doesn't need flashing again but with the AOSP contact RLS4? 2) Am I right in thinking, in theory, that as long as I don't wipe data /davlik etc , only flash the RLS5 custom rom, then I will not lose any of the extra apps added since / notes saved with OI shopping list / messages / phone contacts etc that I've accumilated since flashing on SS RLS3? 3) I currently have a Frankish blue circular battery theme on, when I flash, will I lose this? If so, can I just reflash his circular theme on top, or will I need to wipe everything (data/davlik etc) just to get this back? 4) Do I do an 'apply sd card / update zip' or ' Choose zip from SD card' when flashing this, as I jumped in on RLS3 from FLB, and don't know if it should be one or the other (reading conflicting info). 5) I recently read about how to partition my SD card for app2sd. Will it cause an issue if I flash this and then perform a partition in Clockwork, or should I partition my current rom first and then perform the partition? Is there anything I need to be aware of if I am partitioning the current rom? (eg should I move the apps back to phone first, then partition, then flash, and then send across apps etc?) I really am sorry if these are stupid q'ions - I seem to learn loads as I ask more from peoples answers but then have a load more questions as I get to learn more. Cheers for all your great work though and it's a shame it's the final SS RLS!
  12. Great work! Really looking forward to flash this but had a few questions: Could someone confirm if I am to add on the 'Swedish_Spring_RLS4_aosp_contacts.zip' or the 'Swedish_Spring_RLS3_aosp_contacts.zip' as RLS3 was added by previous poster, but not sure if it was a typo or if they meant it. Also, am I ok to add on the Swedish_Spring_RLS4_deskclock.zip after, or will this cause a problem? Also, I know Google maps etc are listed in the full phat vesion, but are the full google apps added in the lite Rom? Thanks!
  13. How do you know if your phone is Gen1 or Gen 2? Our 2 San Frans were bought in the UK pre Xmas (about mid November time). I think the build (although I can't seem to find it now on all the many Roms added since) ends in 08. Any ides on how to officially find out?
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