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  1. Hey guys - I've posted this to XDA too in the hope of getting some insight before I start randomly trying things, but last time I mucked up a Blade you lot were ace so I figured it was worth asking for opinions here. If nobody has any better ideas I'm just going to start doing things mentioned in this thread (depending what I find when I get the phone back) I have a spare Blade which was running some oldish version of Japanese Jellyfish - friend needed a phone, so I did a TPT of CM 7.1 which included the gen1 -> gen2 updatemajiggy. Was working fine with a Vodafone sim after updating. Turned off, handed over, left him to it. Apparently it is now not connecting to any network regardless of what kind of sim is in it - I asked him to try a few just to eliminate carrier problems, confirmed not working with o2, voda, giffgaff, three and orange. Don't have the handset with me right now, am going to pop round later and try and sort it out, but I'm assuming the radio has borked with the gen2 upgrade - found a similar issue here and here, except the market and google apps were at least fine when I last had it. When I get hold of it I'm going to try and determine whether the IMEI is intact and whether the gen1 to gen2 worked properly and try and figure out where to go from there, but if anybody has any further thoughts I'd be grateful as I really don't want to brick the thing by cluelessly mucking about between gen1 and gen2.
  2. How exactly does one go about installing a custom theme? Did try a search but didn't get very far with it. Instructions/advice/link to correct page and a chorus of READ THIS, NUMBSKULL much appreciated. While I'm at it, is it worth increasing the system partition to 286mb? I'm a little hesitant.
  3. Ha... Ok. I've connected it up and it seems the USB is borked too. Lovely and very sympathetic man I eventually managed to speak to at Orange is winging me a replacement tomorrow night :D
  4. In some kind of epic coordination faliure I managed to drop my Blade screen-first onto a tiled floor in a train station (incidentally, the jelly case made to fit this phone specifically does nothing to protect the phone from this, it doen't come out far enough over the screen, it's almost flush to it). The screen is now a black display of death. Buttons light up when turned on, haptic feedback on pressing home button etc It's still technically under warranty (aside from me voiding by rooting/unlocking/putting 2.2 on it). Questions: Can you rate my chances of being able to convince Orange to swap it under the warranty if I claimed it just randomly did it while in my bag? Is it possible to get it repaired for less than the cost of a new one if they say no? (I asked in an Orange shop earlier without giving any details and the girl said it'd probably be cheaper to buy a new one than pay for a repair if it's out of warranty... But I'm not convinced she knew what she was talking about). Is there a way of getting it back onto stock rom with the screen dead like this?
  5. Sort of success - spoke to Orange customer service this morning and they're happy to replace it, they're going to courier me out a new one tomorrow night. Not quite as easy as logging a fault and going into a shop for a physical replacement today, but at least it's done. What a hassle!
  6. SqueakyG - Thanks so much for the explanations and that guide, I'm starting to feel a lot less lost with this now. Disheartening getting a dodgy handset for my first try but I now know way more about it than if it'd all just worked first time. You and the other guys in this thread rock :huh: If I ever get a working handset I'm gonna be all over it like a boss.
  7. I bought it from the shop and have the activation confirmed in the paperwork, the lady who sold it to me said she'd done it, and I get this message when I try and follow the instructions above: Uploaded with ImageShack.us I really don't think this is the problem, especially as the Orange sim was working and sending/receiving texts/calls for a couple of hours before it started doing this.
  8. Both Orange and Three sims give "network busy, try later" error when I try and manually select a network. Don't have a third to check, but these sims are fine. You're a genius. Any idea how difficult it'll be to talk them into putting a fault code on it? Don't like pressuring call centre staff overly... Used to work for o2 PAYG cust services :huh:
  9. I'm pretty convinced too, the only person I had trouble convincing was the guy in the shop because it worked perfectly while in the shop and I couldn't replicate the fault for him, and he's the one I need to convince :huh:
  10. In the video(s), it's connected to the mains. (ty for the pm btw...) As I've already been over, I've tried 2 sims in the SanFran. One is the Orange one it came with, which worked perfectly initially and now does not, and a Three sim which has worked for a few seconds. I have tried some tape on the back of both sims to thicken it and touch the contacts better (mentioned in one of my early posts). Have tried the Orange and the Three sim in another phone and both work perfectly. I've already tried pressing on it while it boots, it was one of the first things I did (along with the tape) when I read that the contacts may not be connecting properly after an initial search for the problem. I've only received the sim not recognised error message once, and that was while I was making the video. Every other time, it just says no service. I don't know how I can make this any clearer :huh:
  11. That's not how i put it in, the triangle cut out was facing towards the lower right. Rubbish camera is rubbish.
  12. My rambling face has put you all off helping :huh:
  13. Right, this is rambly and stupid but maybe it will explain it better: Further to this, have got universal androot now through the magic of qr codes. But shortly after installing it... It's lost the wifi signal again. This is me installing the rom part 1: part 2: When using the ROM, after a bit the screen goes to black and will not wake up again, and the button presses make it vibrate but don't seem to do anything. Incidentally, when the Three sim is in my Three handset (a SE w995 for anybody interested), it has full signal. I have NOT put in the APN settings for Three, as the APN's and MMS settings don't affect whether I have basic phone signal or not. The Orange ones were in there already on the horrible Orange rom.
  14. OK, figured out a better way to explain this. brb with a youtube vid.
  15. The rom i was trying didn't work (a FroYo thingy). I've just tried MCR and it gave me the dude in the blue hoodie logo and then went black, and now won't respond to any key pressed. the back button is still flashing red though. it's not saying NO SIM or anything similar, and never has done. it's just refused to get a signal. Have done a wipe.
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