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  1. Thank you. I'm a big fan of FLB 10b. Will try the latest version. :D
  2. danboss


    I kept receiving the 'application not installed' message and tried every method to get it to install from my Google searches but no luck. I'm happy with GBA/Snes/PlayStation emulation for now but N64 emulation would be great in the future.
  3. Ok thanks I'll try that. I also bought n64oid but when it attempts to install I keep getting the message 'application not installed'. Has anyone else managed to install n64oid 1.1 with this ROM?
  4. One thing I noticed with FLB 10b is that the Android System is using 90% of the battery in the 'battery use' menu. When I had JJ cell standby was using most of the battery. Both times the phone was left overnight with everything disabled. Is it normal for the OS to use 90% of the battery? I'm just wondering which ROM to stick with in terms of battery life. Thanks!

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