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    advent vega
  1. There wasnt on sunday, when i went to reserve and buy from delivery at the megastore in liverpool >......
  2. Anyone tried a T-mobile usb 120 modem ? having a few problems with it. when searching for a network i get 'Error While searching for network'
  3. Want to buy the docking station so went into Currys/pcworld Megastore in liverpool to seek it out if they happened to have any, which they didnt but the guy checked for me and no stock was availible for delivery either. and website for dixons currys and pc world all sold out. Anyone know how long it takes for restock of these as guy in shop had no idea.
  4. Hmm bought 2 vega's yesterday in Currys Total price per unit was £249.99 and you got the £30 official case and Screen protector all for £249 so me and the wife got one each
  5. Ste M


    awesome thx sorted it in settings.. worto03 edit - oh and which flash version did you install - do you have a link - I need to re-enable mine tonight but in the guide there are 3 flash versions does it matter which one I install? i installed the 3rd in the list
  6. Ste M


    Ahh right, before the r8 rom, it didnt show an arrow it showed the image ready to play, is why i thought i have done somethink wrong. any more input would be great
  7. Ste M


    Hi i installed the r8 rom and went to reinstall flash but i didnt have the file in system folder, so i got the file from the guides section. After install when i go on a webpage is shows a up pointing arrow on the screen were the video should be, i have to click it to display the video image. Have i done somethink wrong ? or should it be like this. Thanks Ste M
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