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  1. Anyone wanting to root or flash a ROM to a Doogee phone I’ve found this site and its instructions worked. Rooted and flashed my Doogee 5X Max_PRO and vanished it of all its advertising malware. http://www.needrom.com/category/doogee/
  2. I don’t know if you’ve seen this or if any of the software in here is any good for you... http://www.doogeemobile.com/download Link update... http://www.doogee.cc/category/firmware-download I’ve got the 5X Max Pro and can’t fault it for £80 and just having no Google bloatware got to be worth £80 on that alone. :>) Don’t know what your screen is like on the 6X but the 5 is a bit dull and is the only thing I can say is wrong with this phone but like I said, well worth £80 as a dual sim back up phone.
  3. I have or should say my granddaughter has that I manage and pay for on her behalf the £5 for 250 minutes + 5000 + 500 Mb from IDmobile for 3 months and it’s been fine. I change her sim when the Post Office network changed their deal from 250 minutes + 3000 text + 500Mb to 250 + 300 + 200Mb and lucky for me as she used 4000 texts last month. There have been many complaints on the net about IDmobile but I’ve found them OK and my only problem with them was not having itemised billing but one email to them and this was sorted within 2 hours. With the 12 months double data I missed out on that one and only get the 500Mb but I’ve noticed this deal comes and goes like a change in the weather and the double data deal comes up sometimes even just for a day.
  4. You would think they would have given Nexus 7 2012 a priority after the update to Lollipop turned mine into a slouch but on the other hand maybe they think we suffered enough.
  5. I read elsewhere that the Moto G LTE also has a micro SD slot too so if true puts this phone back at the top of the pile for me. http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_moto_g_with_lte_and_microsd_is_now_official-news-8513.php
  6. Not had any problems with my Idol S in the 3 months I’ve had mine. I bought mine online from EBay because there was no requirement to buy a £20 top up as were the condition from buying direct from an EE shop or online. I unlocked mine and use it on the 3 network and it switches effortlessly from 4G to 3G and back when required, something some phones seem to have problems with. About non responsive screen, I can’t say I’ve had any real problems except one small niggle and that is when I unlock the phone with the slide to unlock, to text, to camera and for some reason sometimes it just won’t respond to a quick slide and I have to hold my finger over the icon and even this does not work sometime and I have to wait about 20 seconds and try again. Thankfully this does not happen very often and I’ve found that if I slide to camera then use the home button this works all the time. Very strange. Battery life’s is also good for me with the battery lasting on average about 2 days but I have had the odd occasion where it seems not to last as long as it should but like the unlock problem, it rare and could be link to the use of the HDR camera because this kills my battery.
  7. I used this seller a couple of months ago... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151196152204?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 ...after trying another one that charged 3 times more and had to give me a refund because they could not get the codes however this seller unlocked worked fine.
  8. What’s your definition of being a mug? I and the other half have saved £360 as opposed to using our former network GiffGaff over the past 18 months. Its great now to use a 4G network as that was Ovivo only downfall for me with it piggybacking on the naff Vodafone network with regular super fast download speeds of 0.05 Mb/s on their 3G network. No more free data true but at least now I can get 35 Mb/s downloads when required and all for a penny an Mb and you could say my new 4G mifi and 4G phone was paid for by Ovivo.
  9. You must be like an old work colleague of mine that managed to break his un-breakable stainless steel flask. :D Look on the bright side, cheap to replace and more so should you shop at Tesco. :)
  10. There's also an app in the Play Store that gives you a short cut to phone information switch. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kei5rio.secretcode&hl=en
  11. I assume you have found an answer for this somewhere else by now but just encase the Moto G’s hotspot works just fine.
  12. Ah, they are about then, bought one for her in doors yesterday at P4U but they never had the free covers so I have to return later to get it. Someone was saying on DigitalSpy about the flip cover and that Amazon have them up for sale but have a long delivery time and this is what lead me to think that may be the covers are simply not available but if you have one this is not so, so another trip to P4U tomorrow. :D
  13. Got one yesterday for the OH from P4U £120 and no lock.
  14. I’ve been looking for a cheap Android phone to link with my Tom-Tom Go and its HD traffic system but my old OSF with its JapaneseJellyFish would not work because it’s Android 2.2 and I needed at least 4.1 to get the Bluetooth tethering feature. Low and behold I stumbled on this thread and its put new life into a very old dog. Putting this ROM on my OSF has given it new life with it now having BT tethering so thanks to all involved.
  15. There is a new Sale of Goods law coming out soon that states if a retailer repairs an item and that item needs repairing again while under guarantee regardless if it’s the same fault or not then the customer can have a full refund. Trouble is I know it’s coming soon but don’t have an exact date of its implication.
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