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  1. Great work, thanks ;) Q: is it possible to change DPI??? Icons are to big :(
  2. How it is about GPS??? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have integreted GPS and it doesn`t work in 1.6 :)
  4. I had a really same issue. Signal was 100% but there wan`t GPRS/EDGE/3G indicator. I create a new APN and use created APN.
  5. I had a same problem. You have to create a new APN, set it as usual and use it :P
  6. Works fine, but sometime it freeze :P I didn`t test GPS so I`ll test it during this weekend. Nice work. Thanks.
  7. Nice work. I`m looking forward for stable version with 3G and GPS support :unsure: Thanks
  8. This ROM works fine with 3G and GPS :unsure: Great work from Beegee :)
  9. I`ll be great, thanks.
  10. About the GPS, I have the same problem, I think that problem is in antenna, but I didn`t find antenna or connector for external antenna inside :) so I`ll continue with investigation :unsure:
  11. Hi all, I would like to use Vega as TV and CorvusROM support some DVB-T tuners, so my question is: did somebody test DVB-T on Vega, if yes, which type and which aplication is best for it. Thanks.
  12. Hi, did somebody test DVB-T dongle??? I would like to use DVB-T on Vega. Thanks
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