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  1. In your devices the BT tethering is working? With this rom and also the previous ones i never could use the BT Tethering. The other device is a Sony xperia tablet s and it propertly sees the Blade BT, they connect each other, but internet connection share doesn't work. I don't know why.
  2. Just one question, is the photo sphere function avaiable in this rom?
  3. I have contacted you by Skype Instant Message. Thank you so much.
  4. Just a little question. I have a Blade Gen 1 with the surface of the digitizer screen broken. Is this item the right one? http://dx.com/p/genu...om-style-109916 Does it work with the Gen 1 Blade or only on Gen 2? If it don't work on Gen 1, where can i find one compatible? Thanks.
  5. Does it work with universal converter? I would try this rom without modding my Blade to gen2.
  6. So if i haven't modify the stock partitions, are there no problems to instal CM7 gen2 with the universal converter on a Gen1?
  7. Have i to repartition the Blade for installing this rom? I read that is needed a 136 MB primary partiton, right? How can i do it?
  8. Hi guys, i have the same problem. I have got 2 Blades, one by Orange France (TFT) and one by Bouygues France (OLED). The first has a usb charger (like iPhone) , the second a standard charger. With the stock roms the standard charger worked fine, but after i updated phones to JJ9 (orange one) and FLB r10b (bouygues one) it stopped working. Instead the usb charger of the Orange Blade is going to work and still works fine my iPhone 4 charger connected to Blades. It seems that the Bouygues Blade standard charger could be broken, but i tested it with a Nokia phone and it works fine. It must be a software problem.
  9. I don't force anyone, windows can be used in evaluation mode and there are also free virtual machine softwares.
  10. Try to make a Windows virtual machine on your Mac with VMWare, Parallel Desktop or something similar. So you can use Windows on it. Another solution is to make a dual boot with MacOS and Windows.
  11. Ok, but now, is it possible to have the MD5 of all the needed files? It's too easy to brick and without the MD5 of the files i haven't courage to mod my blade into a gen2.
  12. It's not true. Setting up an italian sim is the same to setting up others. Parameters are the same. Look at wikipedia and you found the settings for all italian operators. I recommend a 3 ITA operator plan. Now there is a 3 ITA prepay sim that you can buy for 10€ and has included 60 min dialing x month and 50 MB x day, without any other cost or constraits. 3 ITA is the cheapest italian operator.
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