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  1. Interested to know how hot does it get when pushed e.g. after some google navigation or maybe some google earth use?
  2. I did a clean install after a repartition and likewise I have not seen the crashes reported by wissky70. My screen response issue is a Skate issue and was a problem on 2.3.7 also but TouchRecalibrate.apk seemed to improve it. Does anyone know whether TouchRecalibrate.apk is safe / works with ICS - or is there any other means to improve screen sensitivity?
  3. I am finding the touch screen fairly unresponsive as I did on my previous ROM - I previously used TouchRecalibrate.apk which seemed to improve the 2.3 ROM response - is that apk usable with this ROM or a bad idea? Is there any other way to improve touch sensitivity?
  4. Thanks C3C0 - that is useful to know - speedtest runs fine on my 4.1 tablet so I had assumed it would be OK.
  5. Is force close expected/normal when running the speedtest.net app with this ROM?
  6. I'm still on Swedish Snow too. Would love to move to ICS or JB and so I check back here to see what's new from time to time but not sure there is a 4.n ROM out there where 'everything works' as well as Swedish Snow? (stuff like camera capability, video streaming, GPS, battery life, wifi tethering etc as well as general stability of course are priorities for me)
  7. CIM1

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Interesting review and looks like a reasonable budget spec albeit with some build quality questions. However based on the examples, I am puzzled as to why the reviewer is impressed with the camera output? It looks quite poor to me - especially when expanded to full size. Samples look "painted" and lacking in real detail - I would not be at all surprised that actually is interpolated up to 8MP from a low sensor resolution.
  8. Office Suite Pro 6 looked interesting but put off by comments suggesting that you have to buy $5 worth of fonts to make it usable.
  9. How do you get a list of implemented USSD codes for a specific phone ROM?
  10. Great review thanks. Can you schedule when each SIM is active? Be interested to hear how this model does for battery life on a more economic CPU governor and maybe with one SIM disabled. The camera output does look a bit so-so - I wonder why it failed to focus on that dandelion and the other flower? Seems to be focusing on the background instead which is not ideal. When there is no distant background on a closeup i.e. in the "phone on desk" shot it appears to focus correctly. I wonder if there is a slight issue with the autofocus system there?
  11. What type of data link is that running over?
  12. How does the dual SIM function work in practise vs voice/text/data in/out? @fibblescan - expansys are selling them
  13. Yes it is not anything to do with the app - I uninstalled it to double check. I can operate and then disconnect a USB keyboard and mouse OK but plugging in a veho USB-SD adapter with a SD card in it seems to be a problem. However further experimenting indicates that if I pull out the USB cable while the Nexus is not in standby and consequently the Veho adapter LED is lit, it is OK. It is only when I physically disconnect while the led is out, i.e. while the tablet is in standby - it locks up. Seems counter-intuitive to have to unplug with power on but I suppose it is Ok if no app is accessing the card. Be interesting to know if other USB-SD adapters show the same behaviour on an unrooted nexus 7?
  14. I just got an OTG cable and tried the free Nexus Photo Viewer app to look at some jpgs on and SD card fitted in a Veho USB card reader. The app seemed to work OK and when I was done trying it, I disconnected the device in the program and closed the program, put the tablet into standby and pulled out the cable. Seems the Tablet did not like this and locked up completely (blank screen). Had to "on-off button long press" to reboot it. The LED on the Veho sits there occasionally blinking the tablet is in standby - even though the app is not running. So presumably that is not a good state to remove the device. BTW I don't think this is a Nexus Photo Viewer issue - I repeated this after a reboot without running the app (although when plugging in the cable the app asked if I wanted to run it, I said no). Anyway my question is - apart from powering down the Tablet completely, how else can I remove the OTG device without a Nexus 7 lockup?
  15. Don't know - I would say why not try editing the file and try, but... I have tried editing the file via root browser and I can't save changes. I don't know why - tried adding file permissions to original rw-r--r-- but that didn't help. Anyone able to suggest why I would not be able to save edits on this file? Also still would be interested to know what the OP's patch does to /etc/gps.conf?
  16. This is part of reason why I was enquiring as to what the patch does in a previous post... most advice I have read on GPS speedup seems to be about adding something like: server 0.europe.pool.ntp.org server 1.europe.pool.ntp.org server 2.europe.pool.ntp.org server 3.europe.pool.ntp.org server 0.uk.pool.ntp.org server 1.uk.pool.ntp.org server 2.uk.pool.ntp.org server 3.uk.pool.ntp.org to /etc/gps.config - obviously with appropriate region and country codes. I am curious if the patch adds a fixed set of codes (and if so what? - can anyone who has run the patch check?) - or are the codes added in some smart way that determines region automatically? Or does it replace the whole file? I think also apps such as GPS Status may overwrite the gps.config file (via Manage A-GPS State option) so probably not a good idea to use both?
  17. Hi - is this patch basically editing or replacing /etc/gps.conf - what does it put in it? Thanks!
  18. Yes the blade stuff suggests should be Ok with 2MB but I ended up flashing the larger cache version for now... So far looks very good. Only running a few hours but yet to find any issues. Also coming from CM7 pleased to find wifi speed is much faster - previously got 5Mbps - now 14mbps on same connection. (edit) Here's Antutu numbers at 787MHz - has a slowish class 4 SD card but seems OK overall. BTW - GPS, camera, FM radio, proximity detector and compass all seem to work fine also and still yet to find any real problems. Only slight niggle was I needed to use DSP EQ to boost speaker levels - no big deal.
  19. Thanks, that sounds good - any recommendation on cache size? I read the comment in the original post re. cache2tempfs when cache < 20MB but not sure what the implications are if this is used.
  20. Thanks for the good work on this ROM. Any recommendations for best TPT for resizing partitions optimally?
  21. Thanks for posting - can anyone confirm that this currently the best TPT to return a 6 month old UK OSF to stock - and that dc7509ba7ac2ecf14a738483a697bc59 is the correct MD5 for this zip file? Thanks.
  22. Yes looks to be 180 degrees out... odd as other compass applications seem to orient correctly.
  23. What Wi-Fi speed do you get? I get much faster wi-fi with my old blade via the same wireless router so curious what makes the Skate slower. My results are: Best Skate Wifi Speed : 5 Mbps ROM Version : CM7 v3.5 Wi-Fi Security Used : WPA/WPA2 PSK (router says WPA-PSK [TKIP] ) Best Wifi Speed on non-Skate device on same access point : 15Mbps Please post yours!
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