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  1. Hi Everyone, Some apps and games are unavailable to the ZTE Blade in the Android Market. Is there a way to sign the rom so that when it shows up in the market its recognised as something other than ZTE Blade so that the apps and games can be installed to it that othewrwise wouldnt be available. Im sure that it would be capable of running a plethora of games as it plays that thunder racing game quite well without any trouble. Flibblesan, Amazing work with the rom...can't wait to flash this!
  2. Ah thanks for the responses! I remember being on madaco back in the day when i had an SPV C500 :/ Windows Mobile Days!! Amazing how far things have progressed since! Long Live Android! :huh:
  3. Hello All! I bought the blade from Orange sadly the TFT one :/ but nonetheless i switched on the phone and was prepared for sub standard "orange" customisation! I tried cyanogenmod 7 but found it to be a little too clunky for me! so i have installed FLB Froyo G2 and i am so impressed! I have two questions... Can i install ADW Launcher with this? and @Flibblesan...Are you currently working on a 2.3 vanilla rom like this amazing Froyo G2 one you have developed? Im a newbie here so please excuse me if i have written something already in the forum somewhere Regards Carlos
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