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  1. hmmm, not convinced.......Warwound is yours still ok after you installed MDC-R8
  2. One word "legend" thats fixed it. Thanks so much
  3. Hmm, thanks but how come other people have it working? Please help......thanks
  4. Hello All I have just downloaded worms for my vega, but i cannot get it to run in full screen, it keeps running in a small window. Its the size of a mobile phone screen. Have i just blown 2 squids
  5. Hello have you tried flashing it with the standard advent rom, http://www.myadventvega.co.uk/full_system_...nstructions.pdf
  6. Nice Choice, I brought a Vega a few days ago and flashed with R8, I would be interested in you are having a time/clock issue when you completely shutdown, i.e. does it reset the time and date?
  7. They all look recent, we are now on 5 people including this one, not sure what to do, do I send it back?
  8. Just to let you know, there are at least 3 other people having this problem, 1 is me, another is a mate who brought a Vega the same time as me and one a guy called Rhysd2 on this forum. They can't all be faulty.....can they? I am on 1.09 and I went from R6 to R8
  9. Alex foster

    OK I caved

    I got my Vega 2 days ago and flashed with R8 and I have the same problem with the clock, did you get this fixed?
  10. Can somebody please help me? I click system and then etc but do not have shuttle_priv all i have is shuttle.sh and shuttle_ins.sh, also downloaded flash from market but still no luck, any ideas what is wrong. I have checked again and again but still cannot find it, what can I do? Regards Alex
  11. Alex foster


    Hi All, I had that problem with flash in browsers, I went into the browser settings and allowed all plugins to run. Now flash works on all websites without clicking on the arrow :huh:
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