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  1. Ok I've switched to Swedish Spring 4b, "seems" to be better now. Will see how much battery the phone loses overnight.
  2. Yes i followed the steps and did a wipe at the end of the calibration while it was fully charged, so that can't be the problem either. I really have no idea what else to try, except for installing a new ROM, which is a rather drastic solution and not really guaranteed to work either.
  3. I'm sorry, but i did search in that thread for battery issues, and the only suggestion i saw was recalibrating the battery, which i did, and wiping the battery cache, which i also did. Also r9b has a faster autofocus with the 5MP camera, so i'd like to stick with that. Please tell me where exactly it was discussed about the battery drain, and what to do about it. Oh and yes, i did make sure that the phone enter standby, everything is disabled, push notifications and background data are disabled, so i really don't know what else to try. Others mention getting almost 8 days of standby, i only get one.
  4. Ok I've had my Blade for a while, been running FLB Froyo G2 r9b. Everything works perfectly, except for the battery life. In it lasts as long as expected when using it, but in Standby it seems to drain at a rather high rate. (Sometimes 5% per hour, with 3g and wifi turned off) However this doesn't seem to always happen, right after a reboot when i haven't opened any applications the battery seems to last long. But once i do some stuff on the phone, like play Angry Birds or whatever and then put it into standby, the drain in standby is unusually large. FLB r9 is supposed to have very good battery life, so i don't think the ROM is the issue. If anyone has any suggestions i'd be glad to hear them. Oh yeah, the battery statistics in the settings don't show anything unusual.
  5. Question: Does this ROM fully support the Base Lutea (German Version of Blade with 5 mp camera)? I will be getting one soon and want to put this ROM on it, but i want to make sure it works.
  6. I want to get a blade soon (the german version, base lutea, actually) and put a custom froyo rom on it. I want to use the phone for Navigation with the newest Maps app (the one that supports Vector Maps, and 3D in cities) Does anyone have experience with that, i mostly want to know if maps runs decently fast and has all the features on the blade.
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