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  1. Great! Can't w8, i'll get my nexus tomorrow!!! Any idea on how well will work GN connected to a TV? It should switch to tablet interface
  2. Great, NTFS is working too? any restriction on partition size?
  3. oh, i love my next phone .... it should have a MCR running on
  4. .... are there ppl who need them for real?? The first thing i do when i update my phone is remove all LG crap... how can this be better than google stuff...
  5. Probably yes but they need a new developers team... this one sucks. There are a lot of problem and the most annoing for me is the random hang up of the network... i stil have this problem with any gingerbread mod... too many time i've lost playing MMORPG in tethering... And is not just a matter of bugs... is a matter of performance too... such a great HW doesn't perform so much better than my old Nexus One, i see many new phone faster than this... they still use old kernel and old nvidia drivers and modules... they loose time with stupid and unuseful customization like the horrible launcher... and the worst thing is the huge delay for update a crappy system... ICS is near, a matter of week and just now we have GR... this is my 3rd android phone, the first one was myTouch3g (aka Magic) and the second was Nexus One and i MUST say that this phone is the most power ( HW aside ) but the worst of 3. Just one company as i see is working good as Google Experience, ASUS. Is fast to release update( far better than LG one on quality too), better Materials, Better components and no personalization. Padphone is a good choice for the future but i don't want to wait or risk to have LG chapter 2 so i'll go back to google experience, the REAL android. ps forgot the battery life =)
  6. I hope but hardly. LG has prove many time the total incompetence of his developers... Google provide a great system, nvidia a great HW and with all of this they have completely FAILED with this phone. Usually i change phone once a year but in 7months i'm at point of throw it away... Thx to paul we have a decent phone but with bloody tears and a lot of patience for many bugs and problem of any kind... LG has the guinnes world record for first dual core phone in the world, they should add to it the best Failure with best HW too... Anyway another couple of week and Google's Nexus will come to save us with similar HW but with a real android System not this CRAP.. Probably 20L is almost the same of 20j... they simply give up with it...
  7. Using latest drivers (3.4) and booting Windows 7 disabling drivers sign check should work too =)
  8. Thx =) and you will see how fast i'll throw away my 2x on 17 of this month when Galaxy Nexus came out.... i'm tired of LG crappy software... i'll go back to a sweet google experience... too bad for Tegra =(
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