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  1. Great work tillaz. I was wondering if it possible to remove the Apex Launcher from the ROM and how I'd go about doing this before installation of the ROM if possible? Thanks.
  2. Got the Y300-0100 for my mum. Just wondering the best way to update it and get it as close to stock Android as possible. Anyone got a list of Huawei stuff that can be removed?
  3. I can't install Real Racing 2 for some reason using this ROM and a few people over at XDA said the same. They also said they were able to download and install it fine on stock.
  4. Trying to download the prebaked Jr6 but the 'regular speed' download is going at 15kB/s for me. Is there a faster link anywhere? EDIT: Nevermind, got it installed but I don't see Google Wallet anywhere? It's not on my N7.
  5. Hi, I am trying to download RLS7 and the Mediafire link doesn't download for me after multiple times of trying and the Hotfile link says it's going to take 6 hours. Anyone got an alternative download?
  6. Can anyone tell me what the audio quality is like through the 3.5mm jack, preferably with a 320kbps MP3 or similar using some half decent headphones/earbuds? I've heard conflicting thoughts on the audio via the 3.5mm jack with some saying it's on par with their iPad 3 but some saying it's worse than some £50 mobile phone. I really want to know before I deposit money in my bank and pull the trigger.
  7. I am looking to buy one of these SIM free. Is it available for around £250 anywhere or is the price likely to drop soon? I want a decent phone for once, something with a bit more longevity software/hardware wise than the sub £150 phones I'm used to. Thanks.
  8. So, I currently have a Orange San Francisco and I am looking to upgrade now/within the next 2/3 months. My ideal phone would be: 4"+ screen - AMOLED/Gorilla Glass is a bonus Front and back camera - Something decent at taking photos, front camera just for Skype etc. Has ICS as stock/Upgradeable to ICS MIUI is available for the phone/Likely to be available Capable of running Flash smoothly Something not too slow/laggy CPU wise Good GPU performance I am looking to spend anywhere in the region of £150 to £250. Is there any current phones that fit the bill or any on the horizon? Cheers guys.
  9. Is it ridiculously noticeable? How is the responsiveness compared to the San Francisco?
  10. I'm seriously thinking of getting one to replace my San Francisco and give that to my dad. My only concerns are some of the issues I've been hearing about in regards to the low speaker volume and choppy Flash and whether these are problems due to buggy software or not. If this gets unlocked and custom 2.3/ICS ROMs, I'm all over it. Flash is an important aspect for me though.
  11. Alright, thanks for your hard work, nice to see the phone is still going strong thanks to developers like you. I shall charge my phone in the mean time.
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