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  1. Guys I tried following firmware package in FTM mode custom Gen2 160 v10 But after flashing above package. My phone is always booting into FTM mode. It does not boot into recvery at all. I am not able to proceed further from following steps Unzip the contents of the firmware package you want to flash. Start the program called “download.exe” in the root folder. When the flasher window comes up, press the start button. If the start button is not clickable, use “driverinstaller.exe” to install ZTE drivers and make sure your phone is connected and in FTM mode. Wait a few minutes for your phone to be flashed. The screen will turn black for a while. Do not interrupt this process. A message will inform you when flashing is complete. Disconnect your phone and remove the battery. Reinsert the battery and turn on the phone (normally, with no buttons pressed). Your phone should boot into clockworkmod recovery. My phone is always booting into FTM mode now. I even tried other package custom Gen2 215 v10 The phone is seems to be stuck in FTM mode even when I start it normally. What should I do now? :(
  2. Will Samsung kies still upgrade my firmware if I root using this method?
  3. I bricked (not sure) my blade on friday. Got fed up trying to get it working again. Now I got Galaxy SII. Awesome device... :)
  4. Got fade up, went and bought a Galaxy SII today... wanted to wait for Nexus... but wasn't sure when it would be available in India... Blade was a great phone. My first android device! :)
  5. Yep the green text came up with 100% next to them... Tried other sd card also. Just cant get past the green android man :(
  6. I tried other images they all stuck on green android :( Is there any other way out?
  7. Guys I had previously updated my blade from Gen1 to Gen2 (140 mb system). For CM7 I wanted 160 mb system partition, so I used this v9 tpt image. But now my phone is not getting past big green Android Logo. I cannot even enter recovery mode :( What could be the solution? thanks
  8. Hey Crevis, Could you please tell me where you got the icons for notification power widget? I wanted to use them but icon for gprs/data is missing from your setup. Could you please share the the full srt of icons if you have them?
  9. Wow! whenever I tried to implement, I always got FCs. Thanks for this :)
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