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  1. ejtagle, while I am a newbie and definitly not in a position to give advice to the gurus, I think this definitly is the way to go: - I suspect such a work can enable BT for 4.2 not only on the Vega and relatives, but on lots of devices - Kernel agnosticy is of no importance for Android. I consider it a misfeature - code duplication on a really stupid scale - The possibility to use the hci tools will help porting lots of hack-scripts out there, that may not be beautifull, but scratch some dev's itch
  2. Tried it out with cheapo wired earphones and internal mic, definitly works good enough. I use BT earphones and internal mic all the time for SIP and Skype, works quite well, so I suspect will work OK for phone. I use tablet a lot for work, and it's just much easier to use one device, than to use 2.
  3. ejtagle, you are a genius! I downloaded, installed tried it out: Works absolutely perfect! You, sir, are amazing!
  4. Logcat is at http://www.mediafire...k15v9q53l7cu37y
  5. Coming up, but will take a few hours. It's saturday midnight here, and the significant other half doesn't like me fooling around with the Tablet. :P
  6. There is even a technical term for that: "Talking to a pizza box"
  7. Thank you, Scanno - I downloaded and installed, just finished the tests. BTW: To quickly change RILs I did the following: mkdir /data/local/ril-test && mv /system/lib/original-libhuaweigeneric-ril.so /data/local/ril-test && ln -s /data/local/ril-test/libhuaweigeneric-ril.so /system/lib/libhuaweigeneric-ril.so , ln -s /data/local/ril-test/original-libhuaweigeneric-ril.so /data/local/ril-test/libhuaweigeneric-ril.so , so that I just need to change that last link, if I want to switch RILs. Is there a better or preferred method? I tested this by deleting all messages from a SIM card, but the off-by-one problem persisted. I then used a brand new SIM and everything work perfect. I then shut down the tablet, removed and reinserted the SIM, started the tablet: Off-by-one error was back. On a side note, your algorithm to detect swapped audio nibbles now works close to perfect, the tablet is now a really usable phone.
  8. I meant the new RIL compiled against the 3.1 VB
  9. @ejtagle any chance of a VegaBean binary to test against?
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