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  1. According to sources it said that Gameloft is currently not supporting the Quad-core ICS devices, therefore the TF101 ICS version can't play that too I think when S3 is out Gameloft will do everything they can in order to get the sales from the GS3
  2. I've installed Modern Combat: Fallen Nation on my One X It said (Game not compatible, please refund) Can anybody help me? MC is my favorite game of all time T_T
  3. The problem is that when I use LN 1.8 or below I can OC to 921MHz with Xtreme stability When I use LN 1.9.2 I cannot OC or it hangs What should I do? Tried everystuff...... If OC do work on ur phone, tell me which .bin you are using ^_^
  4. If somebody here can OC to above 921MHz and very stable (No hangs, no reboot), tell me what to do^_^ I reali wanna a overclockable CM7......
  5. Is proximity sensor working well? The only thing which stops me from flashing this is the camera and the phone sensor ;-0
  6. Tried, not working~~~ Camera is working with Camera360 LoL~~~Captured a Lexus CT200h at West Pt in Hong Kong!
  7. A photo taken using Camera360 with alpha27~~~Seems that it wasn't that poor...... Cheer up mate!
  8. Welcome back Roggin and Dario! Rock&Roll~~~ If you guys need any help, I can offer help~~~
  9. Tried with MIUI 2.1.6 with a charm~~~Will upload the .apk file later when i've finished study~~~^^
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