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  1. Thanx ya prob is solved have edited flashed nd it works.
  2. Here it is. StartMenu_GridScene_480x800.cpr.rar
  3. May be this r da files StartMenu_Global_800x480.cpr.rar
  4. thanx speedfrog 4 faster reply but i need to add in custom rom which i build where to edit 5 colm start menu
  5. How to make 5 colm honeycomb{thanx to him 4 making} start menu in new build rom
  6. TRANSLATION Hi all, the truth is that I'm on the verge of desperation, I tried to flash my omnia 2, as he had done before with success, but this time I could not have tried everything but I can not, first of all I will explain my problem, I have almost a year omnia 2 and has given me no problems except for a few weeks does not recognize the internal memory, I went for service but unfortunately in Peru do not have that cell phone spare why not sell it, the thing is well, never mind, I was watching some repair options, as I said if there would be possibility to flash it could not, grooming, will not have much chance, but did not lose anything, the thing is q when trying to flash it, placing all files is always necessary in this message Octans phone writing image to flash 100% and stays omnia triangle saying Download Mode Do Not turn off It Takes about 10 minutes q The thing always happens over 10 min and nothing, rom and nothing changes, said q could be the pc, format the pc, 100% clean and nothing, update the OS to service pack 3 and try and nothing, every time you attempt to reset the omnia flashing back from the hole on the rear, and each q is turned on, it remains an icon of a pc with a cell phone, and not to do I'm desperate, I searched for info but have not seen respustas q solve this, can someone tell me what may be my error or rom is right to pull this off. I give you a clearer picture
  7. I have removed,cooked nd its working fine Thanx 4 reply
  8. i have a question when i cook a rom can i remove all imei files exept my country imei is this safe ? or it create any prob. THANX in ad.
  9. some cooked rom could not create sys and oem folder y ?
  10. hi i m newbie her i wanna know this how to make start menu upside to downside like jj1 rom and jh2 thanx in ad.
  11. May be this will help u ? http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...-being-charged/
  12. Ihave da problem in build os it says ERROR,LAST STATUS CREATING REGISTRY.
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