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  1. i tried to change my boot animation and now i have just a black screen instead and i'm missing /system/customize. not sure if this is a change in ICS or what but it's annoying. oh well. B005 will most likely be out soon enough.
  2. the H icon fix posted earlier in the thread is what's breaking the notification bar in B004
  3. would it be possible to remove the script that wipes data when flashing the .zip for each beta? with such frequent updates, it's getting rough having to use titanium to restore all apps and reset homescreens, etc.
  4. i have the same problem. the icon shows up, says it's searching, but GPS Status shows no satellites found and maps/navigation can't find me :(
  5. Have a look over there BladeGinger-Negaraku RLS2.4. There is a link to a russian forum. HTH
  6. for me it also works fine but at the begining with CM it crashed with some graphic issues and btw corrupted my sdcard. with my new card and a fresh install of CM it also crashed 2 or 3 times with graphic issues at the start but now it works fine.
  7. Just put username, no need for the gmail bit - it does it itself. Then hit the pass field, and enter your details.
  8. If I were to backup a phone's cefs(before unlocking), and restored it before sending it to warranty, would it re-lock the phone?
  9. http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/endata/magazine/mobileworld/2011/2/articles/201107/t20110704_241689.html
  10. I did this, but only restored the FTM recovery partition on my bluemonte setup when I saved the nvitems.(Didn't flash to stock rom)
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