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  1. I try this rom and its exellent,very fast.but i have a problem with sd card,rom dont see my card i cant loading my contacts from sd.I try to change that line in build prop but it doesnt work.Thas someone have a solution.Thanx.
  2. After 14 hours batery is on 89% with 4-5 min calls,10 sms and wifi 15min.Exellent work. :)
  3. Working fine on me.Batery in stand by over the night is down for 2%.On nightly 10-15%.Exellent work ;)
  4. Yes from r15.I just instaled and there is no superuser.I update now r14 and there is superuser.
  5. There is no super su or something like that.I dont have root privilege
  6. I had the same problem but i delete everithing and instal again R14.I have no problem after that.
  7. Thanx for the good news and i am wrong about the name it is a HALO.
  8. Is that a halo or holo button becouse on changelog 2.22 there say holo?How can i disable ribbon on this rom?Thanx for answer :)
  9. Exellent rom.I just need to know how can i start holo button?Just keep up the good work
  10. There is a old date on this rom,is it wrong date or wrong rom :)
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